Spotted: Is This Ferrari California Prototype Turbocharged?

November 15, 2011
Ferrari California Turbo Prototype Vent Closeup
Last week, Motor Trend’s spy photographer caught the next Ferrari 599 out and about, but that car apparently isn’t the only new Ferrari on the way. MT managed to test what looks like a California test mule lapping a track near Maranello -- interestingly, there's some suggestion this mule could very well be packing a turbocharged engine.
The first thing you’ll notice are the side-by-side dual NACA ducts placed in front of the standard hood scoop. These vents could be directing more airflow to the car’s engine, which would normally be a 454-hp, 4.3-liter V-8. In this case, however, MT's spy photographer reports that, based on the sound, the engine powering this mule could be turbocharged. This theory is supported somewhat by the unusual hood bulge on the passenger side, which could be there to accommodate a turbo.
If you’re one of the Ferrari purists not blown away by the California's looks alone, perhaps more power – even if by way of a turbocharger -- could change your mind.
Check out the full gallery over at Motor Trend.
Source: Motor Trend


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