Spotted! Euro Ford C-Max Testing With Bigger Engine?

While leaving the Automobile Magazine office yesterday, we spotted something not-quite-right for U.S. roads -- a European Ford C-Max. And this mini people-mover was seen just days after Ford announced that it would not be bringing a non-hybrid variant of the C-Max to the U.S.

At first glance, this prototype seems to be the shorter, five-door C-Max (not the longer, seven-seat Grand C-Max we were slated to receive next year) sporting some revised body work to hide a new powertrain. Our first guess was that it was packing the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine, given the presence of the intercooler and a turbocharger boost gauge mounted on the A-pillar.

However, a source close to the program told us that the prototype was not, in fact, for the 2.0-liter EcoBoost, but for a non-turbocharged direct-injected I-4, similar to the 2.0-liter I-4 in the 2012 Focus but potentially with a larger displacement.That boost gauge on the A-pillar? Just a stop-gap measure for engineers to monitor injection pressure in the engine.

No matter what powertrain the C-Max was hiding under its masked snout, it was still interesting to see it up close and personal on U.S. soil. It’s a petite MPV -- essentially a tall Focus hatchback -- and could make for an interesting niche offering in the states. When the C-Max hit our shores late next year, it will be offered only as either hybrid or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

What do you think? Should Ford bring over a non-hybrid version of the C-Max? Check out our shots below to see the C-Max prototype in all its glory.

Phil Macaluso
Yes| Go for it Ford an Ecoboost engine will sell. Hybrids are overpriced green imagination gone wild. There is a better idea. Ford has it already. Use it , it works, just do it now.
Paul Echelberger
I too was looking at this mini-mini van as a useful utilitarian vehicle with much better mpg. "Ford"? I heard rumors the reasons the European plant was already at full capacity. See Ford it's a bang for the buck vehicle the Europeans know. Besides the humongous over-weight Flex,Explorer and whatever else your marketing people thought would fill the bill WRONG! That's exactly what green is common -sense/sized vehicles. Just like Mr. Leno is saying about Americans wide asses. Europe has their fair share also,it doesn't mean the vehicles have to be over weight and gluttonous, also. This hybrid stop-gap is a big joke! Battery design is still light years away and the expense/complication of the whole system. Why do you think demand down, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows economically and budget wise,just too damn much to spent for vehicle. Besides just the bare-bones vehicle,if one could be found today, is not worth it. Too much bean-counter engineering and too many young (no OJT) computer engineers designing these now days. I know this to be very true the stories in hear from nieces and nephews working in Detroit. Why buying used is safer for those of us in the know! TNX for your time! Vietnam ERA forced me to look at the world differently, I guess?
YES! Until they nixed it, the 7-seater was on my short list for my next family-hauler, but I would only want a turbo (the new 3-banger, maybe) or a diesel.
Mike Laporte
Bought a Mazda 5 to hold me over until the 6-7 passanger C-maxx rolled out of detroit...ahhhh.. before that the chevy orlando which they decided is only for Canadians....Don't abandon a segment to others, BIG 3.
Hybrids are a rip off and they still run on gasoline so no step forward there. Under normal driving conditions you will never get that markup back in savings you pay upfront to a comparable gasoline driven car. They are for smug, pretentious people (many of them living in Hollywood) who want to show off but don't have a clue. The C-Max does look good however. Put the 2 liter turbo or a good diesel in it and sell it.
Yes, Ford should sell a non-hybrid version of the C-Max, both 5 and 7 seat versions. I want the 7 seater.
Albert Vass
YES. Hybrid is a hoax and it will not save the planet. Hybrid is like a swimming pool with one side where you can pee in the water and the other side you can't. It still burns fossil fuel. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a "non green" person because he had Hummers. What if he drove 5000 miles each year and you drove 30000 miles in your so called "green" Prius? Until they come out with a high range pure electric car just bring the green diesels what easily meet the same MPG's like the hybrids.

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