Spied: Turbocharged 2014 Jeep Liberty Prototype

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This odd-looking car is likely a prototype of the 2014 Jeep Liberty, and based on several clues unearthed by our spy photographers, it packs a turbocharged engine. It's clear that this model is a Jeep based on the raised ride height, trail-ready Yokohama Geolander AT-S tires, and the familiar Jeep seven-slot front grille peeking out from the body cladding. We had previously heard that the next Jeep Liberty might get a 3.2-liter V-6 engine, but this car seems to have a turbocharged engine. The fuel filler cap has a prominent sticker warning that premium gasoline must be used, while frontal photos appear to show a large intercooler. If this Jeep mule does indeed pack a turbocharged engine, it could be a number of different Fiat-sourced I-4s, but we’ve heard little buzz about those working their way into the Jeep Liberty. There’s a good chance this engine could be the same 160-hp, 1.4-liter I-4 that will be offered in the 2013 Dodge Dart. Then again, there are rumors that the 2.4-liter Tigershark I-4 – which will be offered in the Dart – will also spawn a turbocharged variant in the near future. We already knew that the 2014 Liberty (as well as the next Jeep Compass, Dodge Avenger, and Chrysler 200) would be built off the new Compact U.S. Wide platform. CUSW is used for the Dodge Dart sedan and is itself a variant of the European Alfa Romeo Giulietta chassis. That explains why this test mule wears a hacked-up Alfa Romeo car body, even though it will eventually be a compact SUV. Selling car-based models hasn't always worked well for Jeep -- witness the lukewarm reception of the current Compass and Patriot -- but Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has promised the new models will be different. In January, he told USA Today that the new Liberty will be, "A trail-rated, full-blooded Jeep that has its origins in the architecture of a sports car." Expect the new Jeep Liberty to offer either front- or all-wheel drive, with a nine-speed ZF automatic transmission possible on models with the 3.2-liter V-6. Jeep already has confirmed that the new Liberty will go into production in Toledo, Ohio, from 2013, leading us to expect the car to launch early next year as a 2014 model.

I would have preferred if they had fixed the issues with the crappy interior and date motor with the old Liberty.  The only compelling thing about it was its rugged off road capability.  The last of its kind.  A fixed roof Wrangler.  Now it appears to be just another soft-roader.  How will this be different from a Subaru Outback?
Otis Starr
Another freakin crossover with NO room behind the rear seats for anything other than groceries!!!! Is it me or what.... Jeep should be building a real replacement for the Cherokee model (which morfed into a Liberty - and not much of a vehicle - slow, poor fuel mileage, etc). The Grand Cherokee is great - but would anyone in their right mind take a $40,000 rig like that very far off road....probably not. The Patriot is a joke as a true off roader... What I'd really like to see is a true 4wd (with HI/LO) manual trans option, 28-32 mpg, real storage behind the rear seat - and let us option it with sunroof, cloth heated seats, nice stereo,,,etc. Not all of us live on pavement.... the Wrangler is nice and everything - but really just very hard core. Give us something in between.... nobody does this anymore. Not GM, Ford, or even Jeep....
It's the return of the AMC Eagle.
They are waiting there money tooling up for increased production of tha thing. You don't base a 4x4 on a sports car !!
kinda cool idea. like the wheels pushed to the corners like that and the stance. It would be awesome if you could drive with rear window open and if it had a areodynamic popup roof rack. industry leading rear leg room with reclining rear seats would be great too. And while dreaming a really wide cargo entry.. like 4 feet and an a deep under trunck storage.
Ugly!!! This will give the driver and passenger less head, leg and shoulder room. Please go back to the 2007 Jeep Liberty design but give the driver and passenger a little more head, leg and shoulder room! Stop trying to make the jeep look like all the other vehicles out there and stay true to the founding jeep body style. The 2007 version is the only one in its class that had ample room for a tall long leg driver. Even the next step up the 2012 grand is to small inside for me. I hope you don't make the new Liberty smaller when I need to buy a new Jeep Liberty. All your other vehicles are to low to the ground. I don't like falling into a car when I get in.
What a great concept! A true compact Jeep! I've owned a Cherokee Chief '85 and 96 Grand Cherokee. I've been waiting to buy another Jeep and this baby Jeep looks to fit the bill. 1.4 turbo, and Jeep ride height in a compact car body. Never been done before but What a great concept

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