Snap Judgment: Which Generation of Chevrolet Suburban Was Your Favorite?

Automobile Staff

Time to dust off the rose-colored spectacles as General Motors celebrates over seven decades of the Chevrolet Suburban nameplate. What began as the Suburban Carryall -- replete with three rows of seating, a manual transmission, and a wooden roof -- has morphed into a luxurious, full-size people carrier. Modernity notwithstanding, which generation was your favorite?

Although "generations" of Suburbans have been as short as two years and as long as 18 (that's not a typo; 1973-1991 was, admittedly, a long generation), each one has occupied a different, and progressively larger spot in American automotive history. The first Suburbans, which accompanied the Carryall tag, were mostly utilitarian workhorses; later Suburbans grew from two, to three, and eventually four doors, and offered powerplants larger than the six-cylinder original.

Perhaps your family owned one when you were young, you grew up in one, or you're a current owner -- yes, Gen X and Y, we're talking to you -- we want to know what you think.

Today's Snap Judgment:

Which generation of Chevrolet Suburban was your favorite?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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