Snap Judgment: Is the 92 The Right Car to Spark Saab's Revival?

June 7, 2010
Under new leadership from Spyker and its CEO, Victor Muller, Saab has the chance to reinvent itself.
Late last week, we reported that Muller's team is close to a decision to produce a modern version of the iconic Saab 92. The new 92 would compete in the small luxury car segment against the proven Mini Cooper and the forthcoming Audi A1. The 92's teardrop shape helped define Saab style
But is the 92's iconic design the right one for Saab to draw upon?
Should Saab's new premium car conjure up images of the legendary Saab 99 of the 1960s? Perhaps the quirky, first-generation Saab 900?
Or is there another former Saab model that, reborn, would capture the brand's essence? What do you think? Have your say below.


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