Snap Judgment: Are You Interested in a Nissan Murano Convertible?

Automobile Staff

Today, in addition to announcing changes to its 2011 Murano crossover sport-ute, Nissan confirmed that a two-door convertible will soon join the Murano lineup. Is it what consumers want, or an exercise in futility?

Previous attempts at unconventional convertibles by other automakers have been hit-or-miss. Chrysler argued that a two-door convertible version made sense for the PT Cruiser. Four-door Jeep Wrangler convertibles are a natural extension of the rugged, outdoorsy brand. But two-door convertible SUVs haven't typically played well in the United States (see: Suzuki X-90), and we're not sure that a droptop is a natural extension of the Murano lineup.

Nissan admits that the two-door will neither have mainstream appeal nor enormous sales numbers. Early reports from dealers who have seen the finished product are mixed, leaving us with some healthy skepticism, but also intrigue. Can Nissan pull it off? More importantly, though, would you buy one?

Today's Snap Judgment: Are you interested in a Nissan Murano convertible?

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