Should The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Look Like This?

Photos first revealed by The Auto Insider purport to show the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette convertible, just days after the coupe was revealed at the Detroit auto show. Chevrolet representatives insist the photos are unofficial, but they still have us wondering: should a topless version of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette look like this?

The photos do look incredibly similar to the production Chevrolet Corvette, albeit without a roof. There are some small issues: the convertible pictured here lacks the "Stingray" emblems present on the front fenders of the coupe, and the vents above each rear wheel are also missing.

A Chevrolet spokesman told us these photos are "not official," and implied that the automaker doesn't yet have any Corvette convertibles in a state suitable for photography. Our spy shooters previously snapped pictures of a convertible prototype (pictured below), but it was obscured by camouflage tape and cladding.

Historical precedent means we can expect the Chevrolet Corvette convertible to make its debut this spring. When the previous, C6-generation Chevrolet Corvette launched in 2004, it was revealed in two stages: the traditional coupe bowed at the 2004 Detroit auto show, and a convertible followed in the spring at the Geneva Motor Show. If Chevrolet follows that timetable again, look for a topless Corvette to arrive this March in the Swiss city.

Regardless of whether these are genuine photos, is this a good look for the new Chevrolet Corvette convertible? Does it make sense for creases on the decklid to taper inwards, mimicking the narrow rear window of the coupe, or should the C7 convertible adopt a shape that is more distinct from the hardtop? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: The Auto Insider

Chevy's C7 Corvette convertible could have been done better if the rear side windows were designed to slide into the body of the car as this would allow for even the possibility of a retracting hard top.
Richard Ovens
@QuietStormX Convertibles are fun for skinny women and men of any color skin. I hate to ask if you are being a racist with your remarks, but someone need to call your attention to being a foolish commenter who cannot spell the word "convertibles. My Vette coupe with lift off top was windy as could be and visibility is poorer than a vert with top down. And with top down no one can opine that it looks like a GTR. I know Corvettes have only offered convertibles since 1953 so this year's hardly an exception. Please get over yourself and your nastiness. Far more Vettes have automatics than manuals and ZO6 and ZR1 are halo versions selling just a small part of the entire year's production. With 450 HP and torque to match this will be no toy.
I meam, who cares? Only those who worship the sun and spend money dealing with skin issues. Convertables pay a penalty with extra weight tightening up the car. Why dose the lift off center section don't do the job? Another think, I've noticed in alot of publications old white fat men lusting after convertables period. And I'm one who is waiting for the new Z06 and ZR1 that are coupes with manual transmissions only, no paddles and three at your feet.
@QuietStormX First of all, based on the way you type and your ignorant opinion, I'm assuming you are about 15 years old. Adding a convertible to the lineup makes perfect sense from a business standpoint as it broadens your target audience. Those who are in the market for a convertible are not worried about the extra weight it adds to the car (which is probably only 100lbs by the way, meaning you won't even notice the difference with 450hp) and they will most likely opt for an automatic because convertibles are generally used for just cruising around town. Also, the folks that I have met who can afford a Z06 or even a ZR1 certainly have better grammar and sound far more intelligent than you do. When those two cars are released, just buy the poster and keep on dreamin', kid.
@QuietStormXWith your offensive racial views, and lack of spelling and grammar skills, I hardly think you have the type of income where you're "waiting" to purchase a new ZO6 or ZR1.

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