Should Ford Bring Diesel Engines to the U.S.? Powertrain Director Says Maybe

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Ford could bring diesel engines to passenger cars in the U.S. market -- if customers want them. That’s what Ford director of powertrain research Dan Kapp told Ward’s Auto when pressed on the availability of turbodiesel cars on our shores.

Currently, Ford only offers diesel engines in the U.S. in its large pickup trucks but turbo-diesel engines are available for almost all of Ford’s European-market cars. Kapp said that he’d like to bring diesel-powered cars to the American market -- they could help Ford meet stricter fuel-economy requirements -- but doing so depends on customer demand.

“I love diesels and want them to be a solution,” Kapp told Ward’s. Ford will continue to evaluate customer demand for turbodiesel engines and will offer them here “if there’s market demand.”

Part of the issue lies with cost. Kapp claims a diesel-powered car would cost 10 to 15 percent more than an equivalent gasoline-fired model. Moreover, diesel fuel typically costs a little more per gallon than gasoline. However, diesel engines tend to be far more fuel-efficient than gasoline models. “It’s a tough economic challenge.” Kapp said. “Will customers pay more for a diesel? Will they get a payback?”

There certainly is precedent for bringing diesel engines to American-market cars. Chevrolet recently announced plans to offer a diesel engine for the Cruze sedan starting in 2013, and Volkswagen continues to find thousands of buyers for its clean-diesel TDI products. In fact, 24.1 percent of all new Volkswagens in this country are now sold with diesel engines.

If Ford were to bring a diesel engine to America, it would likely slot it into the compact Focus or Fiesta. The next-generation Ford Escape would also be a strong candidate, as Volkswagen plans to bring a diesel version of its similarly sized Tiguan crossover here by 2015.

The final decision, though, will come down to customer demand. Do you want Ford to bring diesel-powered cars to the U.S. market? Would you pay a little more to buy a car with a diesel engine than was more fuel-efficient? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sources: Ward’s Auto, Volkswagen

Got to believe mileage and performance specs of diesel equipped vehicles will attract interest, especially as selection becomes broader.  Personally I am anxiously awaiting Mazda6 diesel intro in US, so I am obviously interested in shopping diesel.  I think it is a missed opportunity for Ford.  I don't have a clue of true demand potential, but I have got to believe there is a lot of interest out there.  I think Ford is going to miss out.  I would certainly compare their offering if they had one.  I think the European success is a great selling point in the US.  It is not like these vehicles would be coming here untried.
Larry Smith
Older post but still waiting to hear the diesel is coming. I'd purchase one.
Mark Malkovich
I currently own a 2009 Ford Focus which gets 35 mpg and I like it very much. If Ford would bring their 67 mpg new diesel Focus to USA, I would buy buy one in a heartbeat. I would put my name on a waiting list to buy one.
3 years in a Jetta TDI and love it, and I always rent Diesels when in Europe. I strongly believe that there is, and will be, more to bringing diesel compacts to the US market than "customer demand", right Ford???? (profitability of SUV's/Trucks, majority of sales). Additionally, the calculations for efficiency gains are easy to determine, for some. Many will stumble with the higher fuel cost (~10%), despite the net efficiency gains (~20%). The fuel efficiency gains are also dependant upon driving styles, not the typical American style, but can be learned. The Ford compact diesels are considered one of the best in Europe, and I would trade my much loved Jetta TDI for one, if produced in the US. Till then, I will continue to buy German (Mexican built) Diesels, or Chevy Cruze Diesel, if it does in fact arrive here.
Absolutley Ford needs to bring automotive diesels to the U.S.!!!!!! Look at the take rate for the Super Duty for personal use. A qarter of all VW's sold here are diesel. Nissan and Cummins are experimenting with a small 4 cylinder diesel for its' half ton Titan truck. Ford also needs to offer a diesel in the F150 as well. It would compliment the EB, and they wouldn't be able to build enough of them.
Yes! They should put them in the rest of their truck lineup as well. Imagine a Ford Ranger or F150 with a diesel....vastly greater towing capability, reliability, and of course, fuel efficiency.
With Ford's focus on Globalization, bringing the successful European diesels to the US makes perfect sense. Perhaps the Customer price impact will be better than expected as Americans embrace the efficiency and longivity of diesels. I see a lot of VWs and Audis in the driveways of up and coming neighborhoods. It would be great to seethem replaced by Fords and maybe Lincolns.
I'm on my 3rd diesel Jetta and will not own a gas pwered car again. Diesels last longer, are easier to maintain, and are so much more efficient. I lived in Europe for 8 years and saw that diesels are the way to go to reduce overall consumption of fuel by 30 to 40%. additionally, Bio diesel is easier to make and requires less energy than ethenol and doesn't take food out of the food economy. I can't understand why Ford hasn't caught a clue yet. The European Fiesta get 70 mpg. 70 mpg! They don't think there's a market for that? Really?
Albert Vass
YES.Plizzzzz. Put a diesel engine in the Transit Connect and spice it with a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission and I will be the first buyer. I had enough of driving my 4 cylinder pick-up what is underpowered and is doing an average of 22 mpg.
Hell, yes! I am desperate for a diesel. I thought VW and maybe, Mazda and GM would be the only companies smart enough to bring diesels here. Let's hope Ford wakes up and does it too.
Bob DC
The answer of course is a resounding "yes". The european Ford diesel is a great engine in the Focus, I drove it in the UK. Bring it!
Jerry Cozzens
Yes. I would buy a Focus diesel if it were available when my VW tdi needs replaced.
Don Reese
Try one specially-equipped model per line and see how fast they fly out of the showrooms. Americans have been wanting diesels for decades, just not the crappy GM V-8 deisels of the 80's.
Dennis McLeod
The last Ford I owned was 2.0L Tempo Diesel. Loved the vehicle but Ford service was just plain missing. Would I buy a new Ford vehicle with a diesel? You bet I would, they have some world class vehicles with diesel power and the sooner they come to North America, the sooner North America will get back to buying Ford over imports for Diesel Power and higher mileage levels.

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