Should Chevrolet Produce an Impala SS?

Now that the 2014 Chevrolet Impala is out in the open, it’s time to bring on the speculation surrounding GM’s new full-size sedan. It’s only been a few weeks since its official debut, but that isn’t stopping rumors about an Impala SS from arising.


These renderings provide a glimpse of what a Chevy Impala SS might look like. As we learned at the 2012 New York auto show, the front-drive 2014 Impala will offer three engine choices that include two four bangers and a 3.6-liter V-6 rated at 303 hp and 264 lb-ft of torque. General Motors appears to be shying away from front-drive V-8 vehicles, so an Impala SS could get a turbocharged version of the 3.6-liter V-6.

The Ford Taurus SHO, using the automaker’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 rated at 365 hp and 350 lb-ft, would be an obvious Impala SS competitor. The SHO, however, is equipped with all-wheel drive, which might give it a handling advantage over an Impala SS unless all-wheel drive was added.

Aside from the enticing Impala SS badging, we don’t see much appeal for a super Impala. If Chevy wants to produce a sportier front-drive sedan, the Malibu would be a more logical choice for SS goodies. With the possibility of a Malibu SS and Caprice-based Super Sport model, we're not sure how much room there is for an Impala SS in the U.S. Chevy lineup.

With that said, does the Chevy Impala SS sound like a good idea to you? Sound off below.

Chevy Impala SS renderings by Scott Olsen

Build it and they will come.  I love some of the proposed photos of the 2014 Impala SS stick with V-8 RWD and maybe some magnetic ride control like the Cadillac CTS-V.  Guaranteed to outperform any SHO when you put that 6.2L under the hood.
Own a 96 ss. Only 85k miles on it......been waiting for something to come out worth buying. Put a Turbo charger on a six cylnder and  call it quits.But an SS must be built in some form or another
Hi i always been an impala lover from the 64' to the present i plan to own a impala soon..But i always loved the SS come on now maybe its a guy thing but hey maybe not my sister say "It Rips" . the SS is a classic you have to bring one Out!! Come One The Chevy Impala SS 2013??? and i like fr88 idea Do you guys know how awesome a Caprice SS sounds hey maybe in the near future right...I got a better idea how about that sport concept of the Impala SS??
Hello to All I really think that GM Should carry on with the Impala SS Rear wheel Drive V 8 that car Turn A lot of Heads and Is A American Product .They just need to make sure it run On 4 cyl when its in Town ,And On 8 cyl when you put your foot in it. Keep the Impala Big Block, and rear wheel drive for the Real Men. The car looks really good for 2014.
I currently drive a 2008 SS with the active fuel management systems that is very responsive. I will upgrade if there is an Impala SS with the active fuel management system along with other bells and whistles. The Impala SS has always been the quinteSSential full size sedan power vehciles Chevy has and should continue to produced.
With the right engine, price and awd with rear wheel bias in leau of fwd, sure.
As I said in the other magazine, don't mess with success. The Impala SS, is a name with a legacy, that spoke of performance, value, and quality. That performance was built on a rear wheel drive, not no senior citizen front wheel drive. You either build in rear wheel drive or don't build it at all. Like fr88 said, Caprice SS but no Impala SS.
The Impala SS sounds like a very bad idea to me. Now, a Caprice SS with a 6.0 V8 engine driving the rear wheels like God and Ed Cole intended would give the Dodge Charger SRT a run for its money. Since the car is already federalized for cop duty, it would be super inexpensive for Chevy to upgrade the exterior and install a luxury/sport interior. Voila, the 1996 Impala SS is re-incarnated. At least in concept. Too bad the Impala name is (in 2014) affixed to a squashed nose, mis-shapen lump with front drive that could in no way form the basis for a genuine SS model.

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