Shocking: Porsche Goes Electric with Boxster E Prototypes

In 1906 Ferdinand Porsche designed what is believed to be the first hybrid car. Although they may not be considered an environmental company, they are always forward thinking. To test out the viability of an all electric sports car, Porsche has built three Boxster E’s with full electric drive trains.

Details are still scarce, but the vehicles are said to have one or two electric motors with as much as 180KW or roughly 240 horsepower. While this is 15 horsepower short of a standard gas-powered Boxster, the electric version undoubtedly stomps it in torque output. Porsche claims the Boxster E is capable of performance figures that match a Boxster S.

The three Boxster E’s are currently just rolling laboratories for testing the propulsion technology and the infrastructure needed to maintain electric vehicles. Porsche currently has no plans of a full electric production vehicle. However with hybrids currently for sale and possibility of their next super car using a kinetic energy recovery system, this work surely won’t go to waste. If at some point in the future we are all forced to commute in electric vehicles, wouldn’t you rather it rolled out of a factory known for building race cars rather than refrigerators?

Give us your opinion on this; are electric vehicles the way forward, and if so, do you want manufacturers to make them as entertaining as possible, or should we just throw in the shop towel?

Source: Porsche AG

Paul Felix Schott
The Fastest Growing Industry on Earth as Archimedes would say the least, EUREKA it is exceedingly colossal. The day is coming that most all on Earth will use Solar Energy. Most will have PV Solar Panels on their roofs. The Free Energy from the Sun will be used to Make Electric. Soon it will be no more full it up at the $$$ gas pump, Recharge free from the SUN. The surplus of Electric not used will then be used to split water into Hydrogen. The Hydrogen will be put into a tank like most farmer and people living out of town already have. This Hydrogen will power their stove to cook, car to drive and power generator to use as electric at night. Very soon the need for the Power Grid will be gone for most. As the great need for Oil will no longer be needed. There were 200 electric taxi cabs in New York City way before 200 gas Taxi cabs came into being there. Thomas Edison’s Interest in Renewable Energy is no big surprise, for it was his friend Albert Einstein that dreamed this dream, that the day will come that All On Earth Would Use Solar Energy for the GOOD OF ALL. Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for the 1921 year. For his work and time and efforts to freely show Governments and Universities around the World they could get Electric from the Sun Solar Energy Photovoltaics The Discovery of the Law of Physics call The PHOTOELECTRIC EFFECT. To this day we do not teach this to our young in schools. Have no worry Albert Einstein’s Dream is becoming real 100 years later. Archimedes another genius had this same dream 2,250 years ago. Very little is said in all our schools about these two and the work they did to show the world. The Free Energy all could get from the Sun in the Heavens above. These two Brilliant Mathematician and Scientist were always glad to teach all that had ears to hear. Archimedes and Albert Einstein two of the smartest men to ever live on Earth. The day will soon be when Hybrid and Electric cars will out number the ones that need Oil and gas. God Bless All that Spotlighting Solar and Renewable Energy The Lord’s Little Helper Paul Felix Schott PS to know more about Hydrogen, get The Freedom Element Living with Hydrogen by Dr. Addison Bain and to learn more about Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Technologies see Bill Young at the FSEC Florida Solar Energy Center. The day will come soon for many a car when the exteriors will be coated with Solar Cells and each wheel will have its own electric motor/ generator like dis brakes they will be able to replace them very easy. You will be able to upgrade the HP. Almost like changing a tire.
brennan dettner
i love porsche to begin with and i really love what porsche is doing. every time i think porsche what are they going to do to stay in the main stream they come up with a solution lol i love it.
Of course electric cars are the future. Oil is by definition a finite resource. And if you believe government worries highlighted in recent Wikileaks cables, there are no known large reserves to replace the ones we're pumping now, the Saudi's have way less than they are telling people, and production is already tapering off. Oil will, likely sooner than you think, and definately in our lifetimes, become to expensive to continue using as we have. Electric cars are the future, but likely the electricity will be generated by hydrogen and not stored in batteries via charging stations.

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