Shanghai 2013: Nissan Reveals Friend-ME Concept


With the Friend-ME concept, Nissan is directly target male Chinese drivers in their mid-20s. Nissan believes this demographic, known in China as Bālínghòu, will make up the majority of future car buyers, so the Friend-ME demonstrates how new models will appeal to them. The Friend-ME concept made its public debut at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The futuristic four-door, four-seat Friend-ME has reverse-opening rear doors and no B-pillars, making for expansive openings on each side. Nissan's familiar V-shaped grille treatment leads into aggressive lines that rise over the front wheels before joining waves and curves on the car's doors. A floating-roof treatment leads to a tail with two major concave shapes, arrow-shaped taillights, and diagonal lines with prominent cutouts in the lower bumper.

Nissan says a hybrid engine would power the Friend-ME concept, but this car is clearly less about driving than about technology. Inside, a large "Oracle stone" touchscreen allows all four vehicle occupants to browse Internet media and share content. The company says that a user who "finds cool content can transfer it from his mobile to the on-board screens so all can share in the fun." The center stack is composed of a large, single touchscreen that controls everything from music to navigation.

If it turns out that young Chinese car buyers really want giant touchscreen computers inside their rides, expect to see some of these features appear on future Nissan models. For now, though, the Friend-ME is simply a fanciful auto-show concept car.

Source: Nissan

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Kawaljeet Sandhu
Thats amazing look......nissannnnnnnnnnnnnn
Robert May
Online content sharing?! It's a car not a computer.
Michael Bordador
it's ugly now but take a look at it everyday and the styling will grow on you
Frankiko Ly
I wonder if people will buy that?!
Fan David
Omg destroy it now
Ar Ya

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