Saturn's Rumored Spin-Off: Could It Sell Other Companies' Cars?


GM's announcement that it plans on whittling its portfolio down to 'core brands' isn't anything new, but some of the rumors surrounding the future of Saturn are a bit unusual.

We'd previously heard the brand, founded in 1985 to be "a different kind of car company," would either be euthanized a la Oldsmobile, or spun-off altogether. According to Automotive News, the latter remains a viable option, although there are a few new twists.

Saturn, it seems, could become an independent entity from GM, but continue to sell GM products as a "vendor." Following that, the brand would either need to forge a new deal with GM to build its products, or find another automaker willing to supply Saturn's dealers with marketable product. Some suggest this could be the perfect opportunity for foreign automakers, possibly even firms from China or India, to gain a foothold in the North American market.

Any decisions on Saturn's future won't likely be made for another sixty days. In its viability plan submitted to the U.S. Treasury Department on Tuesday, GM indicated it was working on spin-off ideas with dealers and other interested parties. If no viable option is met, GM suggests it will simply kill the brand.

Source: Automotive News

Gm needs to get alot more creative than that. They need to cheery pick each brand for the best models, dump the rest and sell them as GM vehicles. They're problem has always been too much crossover between brands, so make them the same.
Hmmm, it would be awesome if Citroen/Peugot were interested, as I see them selling really well. I don't think anyone would buy anything Chinese, considering they clearly rebadge clones of Toyota Corollas and BMW X3's. No one in America would stoop as low as buying something that not only stands for RipOff, but has crappy reliability to go with it!! We have too much pride. The French would be more welcome here I think. Unless all the Chinese crap was priced under $10K....we do have some tightwads... :smirk:
Ok, ewww. Go away, Saturn. GM finally realizes that it should have kept the Oldsmobile division after all. Saturn never made any inroads as a car company. They should get into making custom T-shirts or something. GM really should keep Pontiac, but since they still build cookie-cutter cars and crossovers, what's the point?

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