Saab Releases Teaser Shot of Geneva Concept Car

February 14, 2011
Saabs With Concept Car Teaser
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Saab's long-term future is shown in the picture above. More specifically, it's the car Saab is only calling "Concept Car" for now, but it's possible the vehicle is the less-expensive, small hatchback that may take the brand back to its roots.
A three-door hatchback Saab with the option of a turbocharged Mini engine could bring Saab closer to its heritage than it's been in a long time. Then again, it's not clear what's waiting beneath the white cover. Saab owner Victor Muller has been showing off a rendering of a future 9-2 hatchback to the media for some time now, and the car under the sheet might be the same shape.
We'll know more about Saab's concept car and the updates to the 9-3 sedan and convertible ranges soon but we want to hear from you: What do you think Saab is preparing for its concept car?
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