Rumored: Honda Accord Euro to Survive to Another Generation

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The Honda Accord Euro will survive for a third generation, a report from CarAdvice suggests. Serving as the basis for the U.S.-market Acura TSX, the Honda Accord Euro was previously speculated to be without a direct replacement. With the Acura TSX and TL rumored to be combined into one TLX model in the next few years, though, it's not clear whether the TSX will also stretch into a new generation.

Ito was quoted as saying the company was working "really, really hard" on developing the Honda Accord Euro, but stopped short of revealing potential launch timing. As the U.S.-market Acura TSX and Acura TL near the end of their lives, though, we'll find out soon enough whether the ILX will continue to be offered alongside a TSX and TL, or whether a TLX model will crowd out the TSX.

A next-gen TSX could help Honda justify the engineering costs of a new Accord Euro. In 2012, the TSX contributed 28,865 sales (including 4234 TSX wagons), below the TL's 33,572-unit performance. In December 2012, the smaller ILX outsold the TL and TSX, while Acura's SUVs -- the RDX and MDX -- comprised far more than half of the brand's overall December sales.

"Honda understands the unique importance that the TSX has had for the Acura lineup and realizes its strength in its segment," Honda spokesman Chris Martin previously said during a Motor Press Guild event, to

The fate of the Acura TSX in the U.S. remains uncertain, but confirmation of a new Honda Accord Euro does make us wonder. Before we see any revised TSX, though, expect a refreshed ILX to appear in dealerships.

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Considering the TSX in my opinion has been the best designed Acura for both generations I don't see how Honda/Acura could discontinue this's the bread and butter to the Acura line-up in North America. If anything, they should provide a few more options for the TSX here in the thoughts are: 1. offer the v6 in the wagon 2. offer their sh-awd in both the wagon and sedan and see what happens (I know buyers will flock to at least test-drive them). 3. provide 6-speed auto trans...the 5 speed is outdated and the Accord now offers the v6 in 6 speed). 4. offer clean diesel on the tsx for improved fuel economy (plus more torque would make the tsx fun to drive).

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