Revival, Part Deux: Honda President Dishes on New NSX Successor

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The perpetual on-again, off-again rumors surrounding a new Honda/ Acura NSX have surfaced yet again, this time thanks in part to remarks made by none other than Takanobu Ito, president of the Honda Motor Company. Ito told Automotive News that the firm is still developing a new sports car -- designed to be a successor to the hallowed NSX -- but the car will be wildly different from its previous designs.

The original NSX, with its aluminum-intensive structure and mid-mounted V-6 engine, was dropped in 2005 after a 15-year production run. At the time, Honda was said to be developing a new supercar with a V-10 engine and output in the neighborhood of 500 horsepower. Those plans were scrapped in December of 2008, although a similar vehicle (albeit with a V-8) was campaigned in the Japanese Super GT race series in 2009.

The latest rumors suggest the new NSX could well be a hybrid -- and by Ito’s recent remarks, that appears to still be the plan. According to Automotive News, the next NSX will likely utilize a gasoline-electric hybrid driveline. Details are still sketchy, at best, but some rumors have alleged the new NSX could potentially pair Honda’s 3.5-liter V-6 with a full hybrid system, along with the torque-vectoring SH-AWD system (frequently seen here in Acura’s product portfolio). If so, total output could come in around the 400-horsepower mark.

Regardless of what will power it, it’s clear that an NSX replacement is on track. Ito himself says Honda’s engineering staff is “working very hard on it.” Could a hybrid Honda supercar live up to the legend of the original NSX? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Automotive News

sigh....... to tell u the truth this is very disappointing .......... it not going to be as fun ...... a super car is a company flag ship... Toyota still made a super car that runs on petrol and so have Nissan.....(GTR rocks! ....hate toyota but LFA is a Plus ) Honda ur at competition with other grate car companies y would u try to finish last ........ just don't see the fun in u making a hybrid super car while other big name companies make fast 600hp super cars
Seems like Honda is waiting which engine technology prevails before they present a new sports car. I could imagine that Honda presents something similar to the tesla.
I'd love to see Honda (and Toyota) compete in the "American" muscle car market. I think they could beat the big three at their own game. And as with every other sector, the bid three will generally ignore the lesson.
I kind of doubt a hybrid could out-do the previous NSX. A hybrid powertrain adds weight and wouldn't it restrict its free-reving ability? I see an NSX today and I'm still in awe. An every day for the road street-legal F1 car, that's what Honda needs again.
As long as it develops 400 or more horsepower with extensive use of lightweight material to keep weight down and the price doesn't exceed 100k, I think they could do well with this type of vehicle. It would be nice to see Honda regain a pulse. After killing the S2000 they might have well have been in a coma. Even the new Civic Si is a snoozer. The rumors of a CR-Z Type R might be the first beat of a sporty heart returning to Honda. Here's to hoping!

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