First Official Photos of 2013 Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe

We've caught so many prototypes testing under light camouflage that we already had a good idea what the 2013 Honda Accord would look like, but now the Japanese company has pulled off the wraps and released official photos of the new midsize sedan. Honda promises that even more information and photos of the 2013 Accord will arrive later this fall.

The 2013 Accord looks much sharper and upscale than the current 2012 car. The design begins with a broad, chrome-trimmed grille and upswept headlights. The formerly bland doors now wear a strong crease that runs from the front fender to the taillights, and the side skirts even have sporty scallops and creases. The aggressive surfacing recalls competitors like the Hyundai Sonata and 2013 Ford Fusion.

The new trunklid looks remarkably like the hind of a Hyundai Genesis thanks to large red-and-white taillights, and a big chrome strip between the light housings. The rear glass now tapers much more gently and coupe-like than on the current Accord sedan. The new car is actually a little bit shorter than its predecessor, but reportedly boasts more interior and luggage room thanks to better packaging.


UPDATE: Honda released photos of the production-intent 2013 Accord Coupe earlier this morning. As we predicted upon seeing the Accord Coupe Concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, the finished product looks much like the show car, though its front and rear fascias are slightly different in production guise.

Honda already revealed the powertrain choices for the 2013 Accord when the Accord Coupe Concept (red, in gallery below) bowed at the Detroit auto show in January. The base mill is a 188-hp, 2.4-liter inline-four, coupled to a six-speed manual or an Ohio-built continuously variable transmission. The upgrade engine is a 271-hp, 3.5-liter V-6 that mates to a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. Finally, the Accord Hybrid returns with a new series plug-in hybrid drivetrain. It will apparently allow for 10 to 15 miles of all-electric driving range before the 2.0-liter gasoline engine kicks in, and for a top speed of up to 62 mph with the gas engine off. The powertrains are collectively part of Honda's "Earth Dreams" initiative to improve vehicle efficiency.

New technology on board includes blind-spot, lane-departure, and forward-collision warning systems, plus a standard backup camera on all trim levels. Pricier models will be available with LED running lights, headlights, and taillights. The 2013 Accord also has the first implementation of Honda's new infotainment system, which will feature things like Pandora internet radio, NPR podcasts, and voice-recognition text messaging.

Source: Honda

Another underwhelming and extremely disappointing styling dud from Honda. I am so angry that Honda continues to produce new cars that look dated and obsolete while its competitors continue to produce attractive, cars that I would buy based upon styling alone. The Optima still is light years ahead of this dowdy, ugly Accord. I would never consider rejplacing my 2003 Accord with this underwhelming and poorly executed effort by a once great company.
Hyundai copies MB many shown clearly in the Sonata. It's the Korean poor man's Benz.
Agreed! The Fusion looks really good. Ford finally learned that good looking cars are important in this tight market. Even Sonata has a more modern style, but it suffers from the 'Nash' look. I won't touch a Chevy since there engines are Made in Red China!
Looks like the same that was made 10 years ago! Degression.... Plus, looks like a 'no boys allowed' car, just like that ugly CRV
Bring your sleeping bag. Again a boring, unexciting nondescript Honda Accord with mediocre performance.
Slizz a car....seriously? while not for me, I don't begrudge people with a fb page. but in the car? and, I assume, tweeter, too? I'm sure it will be disabled while driving, but could the danger come from nitwits who suddenly stop short or pull over (without signaling, of course) to find out which imbecile slut celebrity just got new shoes? or which of their 6743 "friends" just had breakfast?
This is the so called NEW ACCORD it looks just like the old one!!! well HONDA i will not be looking at this or will i want to be seen in it !!!!!!
I have always said, if they skip on the styling, what else have they skipped on? The new Ford Fusion (Mondeo) looks years ahead of the competition and has the quality of the new Ford and technology that the market likes.... I only wish that Ford would consider the Fusion Wagon for the States....
never buy a car based on styling. reliability, safety, and driveability are most important.
Aah that is so boring!! How is this new design different from the current one? The upcoming Mazda6 from the Russian auto has more style and passion than this new 2013 Honda. Any agreemenst here?
It,s so flateering comparing a Hyundai to a Honda. Honda has been building a reputation for the Accord for over 30 yrs, and at the same token , the Hyundai has been around since 1983 but kept producing junks like Excel, pony, accent, entourage, 300xg and so many other cars like these. Sonata had it,s 1st breakthrough less than 3yrs ago,now it,s comparable to an Accord because it has a 6spd that gets the same gas milage like a 5spd trans.
I agree with you there, except I think Toyota still designs great trucks, but the last sharp car they designed was the Supra, which they killed. I haven't been excited about a Honda in ages though. The last Honda-related product I bought was an Acura RL, and I won't buy another Honda product after that reliability nightmare.
Indiana Bob
I thought the same thing and I HAVE an '09 Sonata! I am glad that a stick is offered on the Honda; for 2013 it is being dropped on the Sonata/Optima. I have a stick on my Hyundai!
mark barrett
Come on America........they all look the same (imports) get some style buy American. Keep the money & the jobs not even for import co. building here in the states....that just makes them more money not having to ship it! Be American - Buy American
still no mention of strides in the improvement of NVH? no thanks i'm passing this up for the new Altima just like i passed up the previous gen. Most of Honda's modern products now have no substance, they feel cheap and tinny even though the materials look good. honda saves cost by not putting any effort into the things you cannot see (like sound deadening and seals) and details you might not notice (only one or partial power seat, different colored interior lights). Honda used to be a company run by engineers that valued innovation and quality, they were at the leading edge of design, engineering and technology. Now it seems to be run by bean counters obsessed with the bottom line, marketers figuring out how to chase the latest BMW fad and leadership that is too conservative and slow to change. My family has had Hondas/Acuras since the 80's but now we've mostly made the switch to Nissan. Honda, you lose again.
IMO... If the Prelude had survived it would resemble the Cadillac CTS coupe. I've said that ever since the CTS coupe arrived. With the CTS's heavy angles & sharp lines - every time I see one, I feel that I am looking at what the Prelude could have been had Honda not given up. Honda salesmen have said to me on more than 1 occassion "well, the Prelude was basically an Accord coupe". And to them I would say, "you must not have driven 1 & you certainly must not own 1".
Well said MarkS. Honda has lost it's grip on styling & since they no longer make the Prelude, off to Infiniti I went back in 2007. Our family owned at one time or another 7 Hondas/Acuras since 1990. The last one purchased was in 2001 (which happened to be my 2nd & last Prelude). I miss beautifully styled Hondas. I'm praying the new NSX will spawn a baby brother, a new Prelude. I hated moving to Infiniti but every single Honda/Acura these days just do not visually appeal to me what so ever. The truly have left style way down the road somewhere. If they ever recover (design wise), I will happily return...
Mike Newell
It looks like the Sonata. No, not the current model, the OLD one. Honda and Toyota are losing their touch when it comes to styling.
The publicity release is dominated by the "new cloud connectivity service" and "HondaLink smartphone feature," which is of no interest to me. I'm still trying to find information about HEAD ROOM and LEG ROOM.
I like it how it looks! Great job, Honda!
BORING! It looks to be half this and half that and nothing like a good looking modern anything. It is supposed to have significantly increased its passenger space. How did it get that larger, "cavernous" interior? Wider? Taller? Is it any lighter? Is it heavier? Frankly, at this point, I don't care. I will not be crossing through a Honda doorway anytime soon.
honda's painfully lost it's way. how bland can you get?
Tony Manero
At this car segment, consumers expect good basic engineering and above average materials — the Civic is actually a nice looking car, but it stopped being a good functioning automotive appliance. To save costs, both Honda & Toyota gone more to hard plastics and probably cheaper mechanical parts. Toyota Prius C -- cheaper parts and interior; less car, but still nice looking, and labeled as a "car to avoid." So, number one, how does the new Accord drive and how hard/soft are the interior plastics ??
Tony Manero
Consumers expect Honda and Toyota body style to NOT offend -- when you off track like Toyota, you get the new Lexis G & ES series which only their designers could love. At this car segment, consumers expect good basic engineering and above average materials -- the Civic is actually a nice looking car, but it stopped being a good functioning automotive appliance. To save costs, both Honda & Toyota gone more to hard plastics and probably cheaper mechnaical parts. People, the cars have to drive drive well and feel like some precision in manners & interiors. The Nissan Altima was a better loking car than Toyota & Honda for a decade, but it only became a better seller when Nissan actually made it a better car appliance. BMW's are not suppose to offend but it's the driving characteristics (and high prices) taht are foundations; Audi's look like mobile mechanical eyebrows and mouths, but they're really good automotove appliances. So, number one, how does the new Accord drive and how hard/soft are the interior plastics ?? Hyundai pulled off great achievements with nice styling, but it's consumers feeling comfortable with mechanical reliability, decent driving manners and interiors above car rental quality.
Did Honda fire all of their best designers back in 2004?
The sedan looks just like a copy of the BMW 3 series with the exception of the grill and headlights!! How un-original, but I think Honda has copied BMW styling cues for many times in the past.
i WILL NOT BUY ANTHYTHING WITH AN "H" on it anymore!!!!! (designs are to safe for 2012) Thought id never say that after 23yrs!!!!
had hoped honda would go a little more aggressive but better safe than sorry in honda's case. they've had a string of misses lately. this one, neither a hit nor miss overall but i'm sure it'll sell well nonetheless. though honda can't rest on i
Wow they trimmed a few inches off the currant car! The coupe looks pretty good, but the sedan looks like an old Hyundai Azera. Come on Honda, with designs like these and with many others catching up on quality and reliability, Honda will soon start loosing even its loyal customers. And while your at it get us a new Prelude, the Accord coupe just doesn't take its place.
Gary Hawkins
Actually the 4 cylinder Accord will have a CVT. the 6 cylinder will have a 6 speed conventional automatic.
I mostly agree with you. It looks to similar. More revoluntary changes should have been done to get people excited to alteast want to go to a dealership and want to look at one. About no 7 or 8 speed. None of the competitors have 7 or 8 speeds that I know of. (Nissan bs CVT, Camry v6 6 speed auto, Kia Optima (6 speed), Hyundai Sonata (6 speed), Passat v6 DSG 6 speed auto.. I feel a quick shifting 6 speed Auto will do, unless we are talking about an Acura..
Maybe it looks better in person. Hopefully they addressed the loud road noise.. The biggest styling disappointment of the pictures I have seen so far is still the NEW Pathfinder.
Thanks Jake. I had not read that part. V6 manual sounds nice, especially in the coupe.
John James
Honda has lost its way. Maybe they trying to recover their financial losses from recent disasters. I just bought new 2013 Malibu. Now that is a car to rave about with old fashioned America quality. Built to last. How many Honda's are still on the road after 12 years. Very few. I bought my first new Honda Civic in about 1972 I think and it was a good value at that time.
Jake Holmes
Four-cylinder models will have a CVT or a manual transmission. V-6 models get a manual or a traditional automatic.
The backlight look better, however it looks somewhat bland and boring. The only thing I congratulate Honda for is Not Having a CVT..
I was really excited about the concept art and the hype of the new body style change....and now I'm sad again. Its a boring car with an H in front of it just like autosoc said.
Dean in ATL
C'mon, Honda! The 2006 Hyundai Sonata had more style than this (okay, maybe not, but they're pretty damn close). The Accord may sell well, but I have a feeling it will be selling more towards folks who are just tired of filling the tanks of their 2000 Cadillac DeVilles or Buick Park Avenues. Gah, what an amazingly boring car.
nate wylie
seriously? this "redesign" makes the redesigned civic look like an utter revolution. absolutely pathetic. hopefully honda spent next to nothing on re-engineering so their profit margins on the "new" accord are greater. that said, unless the interior takes a huge leap forward (doubtful), i forsee the need to rush another major mid-cycle refresh through the system coming up. though, not having seen the rumored "major" mid-cycle refresh of the civic, i'm extremely doubtful that it'll be anything but more of the same with the most minor of tweaks. someone's seriously lost their edge - how does honda expect to compete with kia, hyundai, and mazda with such utterly soulless styling?
scott david smith
Honda is delusional to think people will get excited about this car. You have to put the 2013 versions right up next to the 2012 versions to notice there are any big differences. Most will see it as a freshening not as a new car. Ford, Volkswagen and even GM have surpassed them in ergonomics and quality interior. And no 7 speed or 8 speed auto options when that is becoming the new benchmark? No diesel, diesel hybrid or plug in hybrid option? The fuel economy ratings are almost as bland as the horsepower ratings. With this kind of advancement Honda is doomed to be the 21st Century Oldsmobile along with its fate.
It still looks dated. I had to look twice in the front to see identify the Accord was a 2012. You would think that Honda would have learned something from the cool reception from the Civic. Oh wait, despite it boring design and excessive cost cutting, it is selling well. Maybe it is true, most people will buy anything with a big H on the front.

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