Report: Volkswagen Might Build Golf CC Four-Door Coupe

Volkswagen is reportedly considering a little brother to its CC four-door coupe. Auto Bild reports the automaker is might make a four-door coupe version of the 2013 Volkswagen Golf called the Golf CC, on its new MQB global architecture.

A Volkswagen Golf CC would act as a "little brother" to the more expensive CC, formerly known as the Passat CC. VW wants a Golf CC to provide an inexpensive alternative to the new Audi A3, the new BMW 1 Series, and the long-rumored Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class. Unlike the rear-drive Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, the CLC-Class would be based on the front-drove A-Class. If this were the SAT, think of it this way: Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is to Volkswagen CC as Mercedes-Benz CLC-Class is to Volkswagen Golf CC.

So what exactly would a Golf CC look like? Auto Bild reports that in order for a Golf CC to be successful in the United States and China that it'll either need to be a sedan, or have a hatch concealed in the vehicle's lines like the Audi A7.

If Auto Bild's report proves true, we can expect to see a concept of the Golf CC sometime next year and a debut for the 2014 model year at the earliest.

Source: Auto Bild

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This is so typical of VW now, floating rumours about some upcoming new model that will compete with existing models within their own fleet. What is the GTI if not "an inexpensive alternative to the new Audi A3"??? I shouldn't get too worked up because VW will handle this in the same way as always, talk about it, build a concept, show the concept for years and ultimately cancel the project once they once again realize their new car overlaps with multiple cars already in their VW and Audi fleet. And if the Golf CC conept looks good and people say they will buy it then VW will definately cancel it or sell it only in Europe. (I think I may be getting a bit frustrated with VW)

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