Report: Volkswagen Axes Next-Gen Eos In Favor of Larger Ragtop

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The Volkswagen Eos has always been a bit of a tweener, perhaps too close to other VW models, and that issue hasn't gone unnoticed at headquarters. We hear now that VW isn't looking to renew the Eos, instead looking at a larger convertible with a cloth top.

The intel comes courtesy of Automobile Magazine deputy editor Joe DeMatio, who tweeted earlier today that VW's head of design Klaus Bischoff said that it's more difficult to make a case for the Eos with the introduction of the new Beetle Convertible. In the E.U., it should be noted, the Eos gets even more in-house competition from the Golf convertible.

Should VW bosses want to replace the Eos with something (and it appears they do), that points towards something a bit larger. Autocar says that VW designers are working on many studies at this point, which include the idea of a full-size, four-seat droptop with a cloth--not steel--top. Bischoff told Autocar, "retractable hardtops are disappearing from the market now, and to be honest that's not something I mind."

That new, larger convertible could be built off of the Passat's platform (likely the E.U.-spec Passat, which is different from the sedan we get) in a similar vein of the four-seat Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible, or it could be something altogether different. Let us know what you think the next four-seat droptop VW should look like in the comments below.

Sources: Twitter, Autocar

VW if the larger ragtop means the USA will not get the bluesport roadster then do not make the larger car, cause im waitting on the BLUESPORT RWD GTD for the USA thats what i want as my next car! and yes i own a TDI DSG now but 180hp/280ft-lbs would get me in a new vw quickly!

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