Report: Next Jaguar XK Will Become Larger, More Luxurious

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The next-generation Jaguar XK coupe and convertible will grow in size and move upmarket, according to Autocar. The move is designed to put more distance between the current two-plus-two and Jaguar's upcoming two-seat F-Type roadster and coupe.

Even though Jaguar design director Ian Callum previously told us there wouldn't be any "substitution" between F-Type and XK buyers, it's clear the company wants to separate the two models as much as possible. Any overlap in the sales demographics for the two cars could hinder overall sales. And because the F-Type will be Jaguar's new sports car, there is reportedly no longer any need for the XK to prioritize performance over comfort.

Callum told Autocar that the next Jaguar XK "could grow into the luxury market, and grow in size." As a hint to the potential growth in size, Callum suggested the new car could even grow to have real back seats rather than the current pair of cramped buckets. Expect the next-generation XK to become a luxury tourer, rather than a sporting two-door like the current car (pictured).

As we already reported, the new Jaguar XK is already under development. The car will use a modified version of the current platform, albeit stretched and wearing new sheetmetal that's supposed to be even more eye-catching than the current car. Under hood, expect more power and even more equipment. The new XK will debut by 2017, likely within the next year or two.

What do you think about the planned changes to the next-generation Jaguar XK? Should it move upmarket to provide clear separation from the F-Type, or does the XK deserve to keep its sporting credentials? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Autocar

I just ordered and early 2014 xkr for June delivery. Car is priced well given relative competition. I'm all for an upmarket, larger 2015 or later model, but hoping price goes up significantly. Otherwise, many like me may resell or hold off on ordering. That could dilute pre-model change sales as well, same result as keeping xk and xf styles too similar. Any news on planned pricing for next model?
Just because a car moves upmarket does not mean the performance has to disappear. A large GT can be a perfectly capable performer. The Bentley Continentals could use some RWD-based competition.

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