Report: Mazda May Make the 6 Coupe. Should It?

We've already seen the 2014 Mazda 6 sedan and wagon, the former of which is currently on stage at the Moscow Motor Show, and the latter of which will debut at the Paris Motor Show next month. Even with both of those variants pretty much done, we hear that Mazda is already thinking about a third--a 6 coupe.

Autocar reports from Moscow that Mazda chief designer Akira Tamatani says such a car is potentially in the works. Tamatani said that a four-seat, two-door 6 wouldn't go on sale until 2014, at least a year after the January 2013 launch of the 6 sedan and wagon. While the wagon is out of the question for U.S. markets, a coupe option seems more palatable for American buyers, although no decision has been made.

If the 6 coupe does lift off, it won't have much competition. Since the death of the Toyota Solara back in 2009 and no plans from Nissan to renew the Altima Coupe, the mid-size coupe market now belongs to Honda with its Accord Coupe. It appears that a 6 coupe would corner the market on fuel efficiency while the new Accord Coupe will go for more powerful engines: the most powerful engine in the Russian-spec 6 has 189 horsepower from a 2.5-liter Skyactiv I-4, while the Accord Coupe will have a 271-horse, 3.5-liter V-6 underhood. Still, 6 promises up to 40 mpg combined, while the American Accord Coupe will probably fall short of that rating.

Also in the works for the new Mazda 6: possible all-wheel drive. Considering that Mazda already offers all-wheel drive in its CX-5 crossover, it might not be a stretch for the company to offer such a system in the 6. If that does happen in the sedan--which is still a big "if"--it'll be one of only two sedans on the market in the states that offer that feature. The other is the top-spec 2013 Ford Fusion with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbo four.

What do you think--should the Accord Coupe continue to be a market of one, or is there room for one more challenger?

Source: Autocar

nicholas gabel
All these car companies that are afraid of bringing cool wagons to the states------ wise up!!! There are a lot of Americans willing and able to buy great wagons instead of buying the usual SUV/Crossover.  If they don't want to bring them here as regular models and fear them sitting on dealer lots unsold, let the public special order them as wanted and then they would be sold before they even get off the boat !!  The same goes for the proposed coupe model.  That way it's a win-win for Mazda and the consumer. Both get what they want !!
Dear Mazda:  Build it! In the absence of being a big player in the market even after years of trying, Mazda needs to nip around the edges and catch all the niche buyers it can. Let the sedan go at the bread-andbutter MOR folks.  A Mazda6 coupe can take on the Accord and easily trump it.  Pluse it could help burnish Mazda's distinctiveness from the major MOR players and from its Japanese competitors.
scott smith
id much rather have a 6wagon.
Yes, there will be a Mazda Speed 6 Turbo Coupe, with more than enough POWER.
I would say make it and bring it. 189 horses are obviously not enough. Unless the car weigh 2500 lbs. It looks nice, however having under 200 horsepower, I may have to pass
Coupes are things that enthusiests want, but no one else does. They would sell less of them than they would a wagon, so it makes no sense to me to spend any money developing one.

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