Report: Mazda Developing Laser Ignition for Next Rotary Engine

Been waiting for the 16X for years! STILL waiting. Remember when it was going to go into the RX8? Remember when it was rumored for a 2011 release? Now 2013? Come on Mazda. Let's get this thing into a car already.
To mazda: Don't ever stop with the rotary. It is my 2nd favorite motor (the 1st being italian twincam v12s, but who can afford that, right/) Whatever you do, please keep it simple. like the SA22 was, or the miata, or even the RX-8. We do'nt need another FD with two turbos and 10 miles of hose in it. Less is more. And for the cabin, please, do it like the 05 Shinka. Black and tan, subtle, yet still bold. But for kami-sama's sake, do NOT make another designed-by-a-twelve-year-old interior like the stock RX8 was. That's what evos and rex's are for. We want refined. But still with the soul of a race car. I still want that barely controlled jet-like frenetic fury of a wankel near redline. It's like cocaine, just safer =oD But while I want my engine to make me feel like a good hit of coke, I want the car itself, the chassis, ride, etc, to be as it is in the Shinka, just better. The shinka, rolly and soft as she is, drives magnificent. THe seocnd you put the nose into a corner she transforms into a cat on velcro. BUt of course, no one reads this but haters and people bent on ragging on the wankel. Mazda would never read this, right? Right.
Barry Bordes
Wow! A laser able to ignite the more of the long moving combustion area... That sounds like a great improvement. Plus direct injection and aluminum side plates to drop weight. Sign me up. Barry
Mr. Felix
'm on my second RX-8 ('05 Shinka, now an '09 R3), so I guess I'm in the core demographic. Mazda, if you're listening: What I like: The 9,000 RPM red line, and that nice beep that tells me to shift. The silky smoothness (it feels like it runs on creme). Wonderful steering & chassis (although the R3 sacrifices too much ride quality for the handling improvement). Demonstrated ability to comfortably take four people, a small dog, & a weekend's worth of luggage from Santa Monica, CA to Ensenada Mexico in three hours (with a stop to buy Mexican insurance). This is a quality Japanese car which depreciates like a 1980's Chrysler. I buy them off lease and lightly used, so please keep up the good marketing work. Things to work on: Correct the flooding issue that requires the engine be brought to full operating temperature before being shut off. The variable red line on the '09 -'11 models may save the motor, but its hard to live with. I've read the manual, so can we go back to the honor system, please? Build a funnel into the oil filler so I don't have to keep that filthy funnel in the trunk next to the 5W-20. Fortify the apex seals so it will put up with whatever godawful ethanol concoction Congress is bribed into mandating in the years to come. Things to ditch: The '09 has the most asinine, overwrought keyless ignition system ever, bar none. 17 MPG and a 15 gallon tank is a bad combination. If I wanted MPG, I'd have bought a Prius. I want to cover big distance in small time. Bigger gas tank, please.
Micah Herzog
I can't wait! It is amazing what Mazda can do on their own, while every car manufacturer is working to develop piston engine technology.

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