Report: Lexus LC Coupe Flagship Approved for Production

The Lexus lineup has been missing some excitement lately since the departure of the Lexus LFA supercar, but that won’t be the case for too much longer, as the company has reportedly green-lighted the rumored flagship coupe project previewed by the dramatic LF-LC concept (pictured). According to a report from AutoCar, this large two-door could arrive as soon as 2016 carrying the Lexus LC nameplate.

We previously reported on a possible Lexus sports car successor to the LFA, but now this report suggests that the Lexus LC will be a more luxury-oriented flagship coupe—think Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe instead of Porsche 911. This range-topping coupe will reportedly ride on a shortened version of the Lexus LS sedan’s platform. In terms of looks, vice president of Lexus Europe Alain Uyttenhoven told Autocar that it would look almost exactly like the Lexus LF-LC concept that first bowed at the 2012 Detroit auto show. Apparently Toyota boss Akio Toyoda wants the production car to look exactly like the concept, and Uyttenhoven confirmed that the production Lexus LC coupe, which has reportedly been approved, hews closely to the dramatic looks of the LF-LC.

“The production LF-LC will not be a huge volume [car] for Lexus, but it will bring huge emotion,” Uyttenhoven told Autocar. He also reiterated the company’s plans to introduce one new model a year up to 2020, with some of these new models being mainstream volume cars like the new NX crossover, and others being more exciting, low-volume cars like the upcoming RC F and this LC, which aim to boost the brand’s image.

In terms of performance, we would expect the Lexus LC coupe to feature a hybrid system, perhaps similar to the one in the Lexus LS600hL long-wheelbase sedan. That powertrain uses a 5.0-liter V-8 engine in combination with two electric motors for a total system power of 438 hp that’s routed through all four wheels. Given the Lexus LC coupe’s exciting styling, this system could be tuned to produce more power in order to give the car performance to match its looks.

In other Lexus news, this report confirms earlier reports that the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that just made its debut in the 2015 Lexus NX 200t will go into other Lexus models within the next year, including the Lexus RC coupe, the Lexus IS sedan, and the Lexus GS sedan.

Stay tuned for more information about these upcoming turbocharged models, and look for the flagship Lexus LC coupe to make its debut sometime in 2015 before going on sale in 2016.

Throw in  500+hp and give 3.0 sec to 60 and you can count me in! Sweet!!!!
Alan Stovall
I would love to have one of these
Michael Anderson
Vinny Aces, all its showing off is how ugly it is
Thomas Teger
No - fugly like the entire Lexus line-up.
Uwe Schalker Lubi
Sieht einfach klasse aus das Auto! ! !
Vinny Aces
About frickin time Lexus puts out a decent front end, that can show off with the Germans and Americans ..,
Norman Oswald Wollaston III
Ryan Mangila
Ariel Mangila...I likes...
Satyateja Varma
4w5zkutc i have change my faceb()()k int0 black col()r
Satyateja Varma
ctfmqe2b i have change my faceb()()k int0 black col()r
Marcel R Fournier
now that sweet ride
Rajat Mendhe
Dawn Fujita
Wow!!!! This is kick-ass!!!!!! Fuji needs one!!!!
Rick Reny
looks like its in the process of melting
Wishnoe Broto
hate it..
Christopher Antonio
It will cost too much to be a practical car, and it's not pretty. Since the induction of the ugly front end on the GTR, the Nissan powerhouse has been out of their minds. Now Toyota and Lexus want in on the game because the LFA in all of its beauty was an overpriced flop. I rate this car a D-.....not even worth driving. IMO
Mark Matthew Nelson
Looks like a dust-buster
Lance Zimmerman
Love that color. Nice looking car.
Bill Bortz
Darth Vader called. He wants his face back.
Ken Nelson
Zach Nelson
Michael Jordan
HATE those Lexus Grills!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Collins
Way better looking than the SC430.
Anadi Nishad
Guillermo De Simone
Monsters Inc 3 new star! Horror on wheels!
George Nallathamby
No thanks
Carlos Navarro
Danny Baker
I kinda like to see a bar between the upper and lower grill !
Rick Yachiw
I love Lexus design right now. It's very modern. Honda, take note.
Rohan Reid
If its not American, then its crap to some people.
Rohan Reid
This is really a sexy ride. Too bad people are too arrogant to admit it
I wish Lexus would just flippin' stop it!
Fonzo Ro Ma
Too bad about that grille
Marsha Suarez
Tom Champion
Paul Ratliff
It looks like a sci-fi monster
Richard Boissonneault
Ca cé beau en T.............
James Nelson
Butt ugly
James Brooks
Terrible from one end to the other. Ditch it
Maurice Arsenault
radical and on the cutting edge
Pedro Peñafiel
Definitely. But they have to do something with that electric shaver-like front grille.
Pierre Bourdieu
ouai c clair je la veut combien ?
Shawn James
Stupid question. The answer is obvious. YES !!!!!
Speedway auto loan
Nice car
Greg Lane
To bad it's already been in a wreck :-/ that front end looks all messed up missing a grill and headlights back on the side of the fenders and the big gouges under them.
Mike Bagley
Yes and yes. The grill is what makes the car so memorable. It really stands out in a crowded field of luxury cars.
Steven Matthew Myers
No, they're all ugly and over done. PUT DOWN THE PEN!
Jeremy Deasley
Try to give Toyota a fun car to sell please. Not everyone is in the high price bracket
Robert May
Benjamin Yabut
Most cars will drive faster than this since the drivers will be thinking they are getting chased by a possessed electric shave razor!!! LMAO!
It's gorgeous, Totally un Lexus. Finally they got some mojo in their exterior designs!!

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