Report: Jeep Aiming for 250,000 Cherokees Per Year

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According to a new report, Jeep is looking to push production at its Toledo, Ohio complex to roughly half a million units. The key vehicle? The all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee, which is expected to make up some 250,000 of the vehicles coming out of Toledo.

This morning, the Detroit Free Press reported that Jeep is looking to expand production at its Toledo complex to about 500,000 units per annum. That number comes from a goal of 220,000 Wranglers – currently the plant's only vehicle – and then another 250,000 for Cherokee production, according to Bruce Baumhower, the president of UAW Local 12. Both the Wrangler and Cherokee production numbers include international sale as well as U.S. consumption. A Chrysler representative told us that the company does not disclose any manufacturing or production goals.

The increase in Wrangler production is in line with what Chrysler has confirmed in the past. Just this month, the automaker added another 200 additional workers in Toledo to help meet high global demand for the Wrangler. Last year, Jeep built over 200,000 Wranglers for worldwide consumption, 141,669 which were sold in the U.S. In a stark comparison, Jeep sold just 75,483 Libertys last year; although, that car was pretty long-in-the-tooth and is being replaced by the 2014 Cherokee.

Only time will tell if Jeep can meet its goals for the Wrangler and the new Cherokee. The latter SUV will make its official debut next week at the New York auto show, but the advanced images drew polarized reactions from the general public.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Well, not having seen it in person; the whole had better be more than the sum of the pieces. I still can't help but believe that  anything named Cherokee should be a 4x4 rather than an AWD design but perhaps I am in the minority on that. I suppose "Jeep" feels this will be a CR-V beater - that has proven a tough mountain to climb for other companies. In the past Jeep has been better as the trend setter, rather than as the follower.

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