Report: Hyundai Owners Ignore Window Sticker, Sue Over Elantra's 40-MPG Claim

California owners of the Hyundai Elantra sedan are looking for some retribution – they feel as though the automaker misled them by advertising that the compact sedan achieves 40 mpg. The Hyundai Elantra is rated at 40 mpg, but as any glance at the window sticker would tell you, that figure applies only to the EPA’s highway test cycle. The car is rated at 29 mpg in the city and 33 mpg city/highway combined. According to Reuters, the lawsuit being filed by public interest group Consumer Watchdog against Hyundai states that the manufacturer's advertisements led buyers to believe that they would be paying less in fuel because of the car's high mpg rating. The plaintiffs in the class-action suit claim that the automaker is in violation of California's consumer protection and fraud laws – they state that the text explaining the 40-mpg rating is in "tiny, faint text." Hyundai told Reuters that the stated mileage is realistic. When we asked Hyundai if they had any comment on the suit, they told us that it "believes this case has no merit, as our advertising is accurate and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  In fact, we’ve reviewed our ads and think Consumer Watchdog and their client are dead wrong." Never mind the fact that the Monroney, placed in the window of every new Elantra sold, clearly gives EPA ratings for both city and highway cycles. Again, the Elantra – like many other new cars in its class – only returns that 40 figure on the freeway. This isn't the first time buyers have gone after manufacturers for overstating fuel economy ratings – earlier this year, a judge reversed a court decision stating that Honda had misled customers on the fuel efficiency of the Civic Hybrid. Hyundai has been in accordance with laws regarding information disclosure, and the 40-mpg rating for the Elantra sedan was set by the Environmental Protection Agency in its evaluation testing. Source: Reuters

I have a 2013 elantra with just under 3000 miles on it. 90% of my driving is around town. ( small town with only 6 trafic lights ) Using paper and pencil totaling all my gas so far , Iam getting 36.4 mpg . Best car I have ever owned. Nothing I don't like about this car.
I turned in a Saturn with an estimated 23 to 33 miles to gallon. For the same trip we would get 29 to 32 miles to the gallon. Imagine my shock when I drove the Elantra the same route and ended up with 23-26 miles to the gallon for the same route as the Saturn. We once got 34 mpg on a tank that was virtually 100% highway. According the the cars computer, our average speed was 57 mph. I have noticed that the Elantra consumes a lot of gas idling, unlike my Saturn and various other cars I have owned over the years. I suspect this is the flaw in their design. It appears the gas consumption goes way up when the speeds drop below 40 mph.
Sean, are you driving at 55 or less all the time on the highway? I doubt it. This lawsuit is frivolous. People don't know how to drive economically, it's all gas or all brakes, and 65-70 mph takes a LOT more fuel than 55.
It seems Motor Trend in their 1 year long term test only got combined mpg in the low 20s and hwy in the low 30s. So there is a problem with the Elantra's mileage claim.
Are people really this dimwitted? The mpg rating is a guideline, not something set in stone. The 40mpg is a best case scenario under a controlled environment. I've gotten as high as 42mpg/hwy with my 2012 Civic which is supposedly rated for 39mpg/hwy. I've also gotten as low as 28 mpg/hwy when I was driving more "spirited." If they really want to sue Hyundai based on this, then logically they should sue EVERY car company out there because every one of them posts ESTIMATES that you may or may not hit depending on your driving habit. The point is, this is just another bunch of uneducated individuals who don't realize it's their own dimwittedness that's the problem here.
I have this car and routinely average 27mpg while driving 80% on california highways.This is the first care I've EVER owned that gets average MPG LESS than the city rating. If this is a class-action suit, I'm in.

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