Report: Ford New Model Turnover Peaks in 2015, Things at Lincoln Get Interesting

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A new automotive industry report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch is out, and we've found some interesting takeaways: one, Ford's new model turnover will be the quickest of the American big three automakers over the next four years; two, that turnover will be led by crossovers and trucks; and three, Lincoln is most definitely planning a big comeback. The information comes courtesy of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which released its yearly Car Wars report. Among the 46 pages that were released are predictions on market share increases, the average age of major models (the time a nameplate spends between complete overhauls), and the inevitable prediction for share prices. BoA/ML's overall prediction is this: automakers will likely turn away from putting large sums of money on the hood of old cars in hopes of making them sell, and will move more towards frequent updates and new models in the hopes of keeping profit margins high. Perhaps spurred by Chrysler's success--the company updated or overhauled almost its entire lineup during its period of financial turmoil and has since seen big gains--automakers may replace models at a quicker pace. But tucked away in this report are some individual model predictions. BoA/ML predicts that Ford will overhaul 46 percent of its lineup (by volume) in 2015 with the release of an all-new Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX mid-size crossover, a new Ford F-Series pickup truck, and a new Ford Mustang sports car/convertible. It'll follow that up with a 20-percent replacement number in 2016 with a new Ford Explorer, Lincoln MKS, Ford Taurus, and Ford Fiesta. But BoA/ML also predicts that Lincoln will balloon its lineup along the way. Research indicates the possibility of a Lincoln MKD small crossover and MKC sedan in 2014, and a new MKS and an Aviator large crossover in 2016. We've heard murmurs about some form of Lincoln C-segment crossover before, so the MKD comes as little surprise, but the MKC and Aviator are more surprising. Lincoln's naming conventions would predict that MKC stands for "compact," and the MKC would be a Buick Verano/Acura ILX competitor in the burgeoning compact luxury segment. The Aviator, meanwhile, appears to again be based on the Ford Explorer, which could mean it's a new name for the MKT large crossover or an entirely new Explorer-based vehicle. Put all of those predictions together and, assuming they're true, and Lincoln's product portfolio would look much more like the Acura and Buick portfolios against which it arguably competes. Lincoln would have competitors to Buick's Encore, Enclave, Verano, Regal, and LaCrosse, Acura's RDX, MDX, ILX, TL, and RL/RLX, just using existing Ford Motor Company platforms. Fans of the historical luxury carmaker, it would appear the fight's not over yet. It begs the question: what do you want to see from Ford and Lincoln over the next few years? Let us know what you think of the research, and what you'd want to see, in the comments below. Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I"ve been a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury fan stemming from the days of my father using Ford trucks, tractors, and yes, combines (aka Claas combines) on the farm. We've had Mustangs, Cougars, a Bronco II, LTDs, a Grand Marquis, who knows how many F100/150s, and an E150 along the way. So I want to see Lincoln continue to rejuvenate themselves and become a true competitor to Caddy once more. That said....(and I don't know if it's even possible as I'm no engineer)....but how about a Lincoln on a stretched version of the 2015 Mustang platform, with 4 doors and a 5.0L? Or maybe on the Aussie Falcon platform?
@ Bryan, have you seen what Ford and Lincoln have lined up lately? The 2013 Fusion seemed so gorgeous, but then Lincoln rolled out the new MKZ. They are completely different and Lincoln definitely moved their product more upscale than the Fusion by far. The next Fusion is luxurious, but the MKZ is luxury on a world-class scale.
While I'm fully expecting the predictable like a Lincoln badged Focus (ST maybe?) for the smaller luxury Lincoln, why not be bold and come up with a RWD Lincoln sports car based off the next Mustang? If they're serious about making it a true luxury brand they have to come up with something that has at least half a chance at taking sales away from BMW and Mercedes, or at the very least puts a dent in Cadillac sales to start off with. Otherwise they will remain nothing more than a VERY overpriced Ford. (I mean seriously have you priced these things lately, a base price of almost 35K for a dressed up Fusion?)
I would love to see a diesel in the Fusion, Escape. Also sell the new Ranger pickup (sold in most countries). Clean dsesel technology is available. If VW and Audi can sell diesel cars Ford should too and give the customer a choice. The chevy cruze Diesel will be sold in CA. The small Colorado pick-up will be sold in the US. The compact pickup is not dead and many people do not want a huge truck to park in the garage if it is their 2nd vehicle. Also, I would want a sporty small crossover like the Escape avaIable with 2 doors, with diesel.
Scott David Smith
So I guess this is indication that Ford has no appetite to make Lincoln the cross town rival of Cadillac ever again. Ford does so many things right. Why does it always seem to do Lincoln wrong? Their team revived Aston Martin and Land Rover. And wasn't it the Ford team that designed the Jaguar xf? It is like they have a sick compulsion to be the laughing stock of luxury. Do not they think it is a very sad day that Hyundai's are more aspirational than Lincolns? Cadillac started simply with a pure design of the first generation CTS. Now look at the strides they have taken and the new found street cred they have found. I do not know why I am even writing. Even if someone from Dearborn did read this lament, they would just write it off as just another silly guy in Tennessee who owns a BMW z4 and a Cadillac CTS. I am not the guy who would ever buy a Lincoln. And with that defeatist attitude and lowest common denominator product, you are exactly right.
I would like to see lincoln use the mks's awd and 365hp engine to do some like bmw with their x6 vehicles with the explorer. I believe that with lincoln sedan's current body lines over the top of the explorer would look incredible. Add to that is that it would prevent compatition within each brands model lines. It would let the explorer continue to be the large family crossover in the ford division, the mkx mid size lincoln offering and the mkt their lux people haller. The lincoln cuv based on the explorer, but between the mkx and mkt would be the vehicle for the style conscience. The offering that acura's zdx should have been, with the high out put engine such a vehicle demands. A look at the concept cuv from lamborghini show that if they could get theexterior preportions right, thet could have another winner

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