Report: Dodge Nearing the End of its Days?

Chrysler Group will revamp almost its entire model range by 2016, according to a new report from WardsAuto. The update confirms much of what we already learned from Chrysler's five-year product planning documents. By 2016, Wards estimates that 60 percent of Chrysler products will be new, and about 75 percent of the company's cars and crossovers will be based on versions of the CUSW platform that debuted with the 2013 Dodge Dart (pictured).

Chrysler will have a new CUSW-based hatchback called the 100, which goes into production alongside the Dart in Illinois in 2016. It follows the launch of a new Chrysler 200 sedan next year, with the convertible version arriving by 2015. That year will also see Chrysler introduce a new crossover named Town & Country, which replaces the current minivan. Wards says that in addition, Chrysler will launch a larger luxury crossover by 2016.

Things look a little slimmer for Dodge. The brand will not immediately receive a direct replacement for the Avenger sedan when it ends production in 2014. The Dodge Journey and the Avenger, however, will be combined into one new crossover that debuts in 2016. The Dodge Charger and Challenger will be refreshed for 2014. An all-new Dodge Grand Caravan minivan should debut by 2015.

The Chrysler 100 and 200, as well as the Dodge Journey replacement and 2014 Jeep Cherokee, will all use the same CUSW platform as the Dart. Wards expects those models will collectively account for about three-quarters of Chrysler Group's car and crossover sales volume. In other words, those will all be successful, strong-selling models.

A new Ram 1500 pickup line, as well as the updated Jeep Wrangler, will reportedly debut in 2016. By 2015, Jeep could introduce a new, smallFiat-based model alongside the 2014 Cherokee. As we have reportedly previously, 2015 will probably bring a new Jeep Compass/Patriot, as well as the three-row Grand Wagoneer. (The aforementioned planning documents suggest at least one of those models, however, could be pushed back a year to 2016.)

Wards suggests that Chrysler Group will introduce or redesign several other vehicles in 2017, but it's too far away to know what those might be. The publication also says that the small number of new Dodge vehicles indicates that Chrysler Group may do away with the Dodge brand entirely. For now, that seems unlikely -- Dodge is the company's proverbial bread and butter and sells about twice as many cars as Chrysler. So far this year, the former has sold 268,571 cars while the latter has moved only 136,590.

Source: WardsAuto

William Gordon
First, the Germans took over Chrysler Corporation, and we lost Plymouth, a still viable brand. Now, the Italians have taken over, and they're carving up Dodge like a ROAST !! They take away Dodge's flagship sports car, the VIPER,  and assign it to some unknown SRT Division that no one's ever heard of. Then , they remove Dodge's truck line , and issue it under a new brand, RAM. Now, with only the Dodge passenger car line left , rumors are circulating that the Dodge name , too , will be gone in 5 years. And, THIS IS PROGRESS ??If things continue along this line, Chrysler, as we know it , will be  GONE in 5 years , to be replaced by FIAT MOTORS, USA. It has been an entire generation since FIAT cars have driven on the streets of America , or, should I say, been stalled on the sides of the roads of America. Their reputation of shoddy workmanship and poor quality, was what got them kicked out of America 25 years ago. Their cars sucked THEN....and if consumer surveys are any indication, they still suck NOW. But , since most Americans living today weren't alive to remember just how BAD their cars  were, FIAT thinks that they're just going to come here , with no pre-conceived customer notions of just how bad their cars were, and replace Chrysler Corporation, just as it's getting back on it's feet, and their cars and trucks are getting better . Next thing you know, thanks to foreign interference, instead of having PLYMOUTH, DODGE, DeSOTO, CHRYSLER, and IMPERIAL, We'll be saddled with FIAT, LANCIA, ALFA ROMEO, CHRYSLER,(maybe) , and JEEP/ RAM. Don't think that it's not gonna happen...because IT'S ALREADY STARTED. DODGE IS ON THE WAY OUT. That will be a sad day.....

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