Report: Anti-Iran Group Wants J.Lo To Drop Her Fiat Deal


It seems as though Jenny from the Block is involved in yet another dust-up surrounding a Fiat. An advocacy group is urging Jennifer Lopez to walk away from her (likely lucrative) advertising deal with Fiat because the Italian automaker has a loose link to the Iranian auto industry. The gist is this: Fiat supplies complete knock down car kits to Iran's largest car company, Iran Khodro, and the United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) advocacy group is not happy about it. The group, founded by ex-American diplomats, initially wants the brand to end its ties with Middle Eastern country to prevent "Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons," and claims it has been trying to contact Fiat about the matter over the past year. Since that hasn't proved to be effective, the group has shifted its attention to Fiat's very famous spokeswoman. “Giving the high profile endorsement contract that Ms. Lopez has with Fiat, we’ve decided to contact her and seek her help in pressuring Fiat to end their business in Iran,” UANI communications chief Nathan Carleton told Fox News.  The group has tried to grab J.Lo's attention with a letter that it published online. "We think her fans will appreciate such a prominent person take a stand against these human rights violations that Fiat is contributing to," said Carleton. Source: Fox News

I wonder how many in this anti-Iran group drive SUVs and pickups? This is what funds Iran and terrorist activities: oil money. People need to get it into their tiny brains that guzzlers fund terrorism.
John D
We should instead be boycotting anyone who has dealings with the state of Israel. They are the big trouble makers in the Middle East and theyare behind the aggressions which take place there. They are now stirring up antipathy towards Iran which has not attacked anyone for a very long time, unlike Israel, which regularly kills women and children in Palestine (the bit they didn't steal yet).

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