Update: Report: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Production Placed On Hold

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If you've been waiting for a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for some time, your wait may be a bit longer than originally expected. General Motors confirmed this afternoon that production of the new supercharged super-Camaro has been placed on a temporary hold.

GM Inside News posted a letter from General Motors to Chevrolet dealers stating that “all Camaro ZL1 models produced to date are currently being held by General Motors for a quality assessment.

Chevrolet spokesman Monte Doran confirmed that the letters have been sent to dealers and that “during a quality assessment [before the cars reach customers] they found a potential quality concern.” He did not state what that concern is, as General Motors is still investigating the issue.

According to the letters, “the duration of the hold is undetermined, and may last a few more weeks.” Dealers will be notified when the hold is lifted and shipments of the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 models begin. Click over to GM Inside News for the complete transcript.

UPDATE: According to GM Authority the quality control issue is standard procedure and that all production at the Oshawa Assembly plant has been shut down due to a scheduled week long closing. All vehicles at the plant are affected, not just Camaro ZL1 models. Another week-long shutdown is planned from March 26 to April 1. The shutdowns are needed to update the assembly line. This isn’t the first shutdown to update the line – there was one a few weeks ago.

Source: GM Inside News, General Motors, GM Authority

richard sturiale
@disco. You really should learn about automobiles before making jack associated statements. Any GM muscle car blows the doors off a ford. Gm's engines are always under HP.
"Routine" shut down? the only Quality problem is a bunch of randomly assembled just in time inventory parts thrown onto an older modified platform better suited to underpin a hearse than a "sports" car with a truck motor. Even if they are trying to reflash a few more ponies every flavor of mustang Ford offers from 30 MPG V-6 to 200mph GT 500 or track ready Boss and even the standard GT have more room better reflexes and a far better experience honed over decades to perfection. These Pinocchio nosed gold chains have always played second fiddle and today can't even get on stage because Hyundai has tied it's shoelaces together.

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