Report: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Cancelled, Convertible on Hold

Joshua Duval
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Just as GM begins rolling the highly-anticipated 2010 Chevrolet Camaro off its assembly lines, we get disappointing news from the General regarding the Z28 and convertible variants.

The Z28 is simply a victim of cost-cutting: with an estimated price tag of about $50 million to bring the high-performance variant to market, GM simply can't afford it right now. Although Chevy executives don't want to give up the Z28 completely - the Z28 is the variant they were hoping would dethrone the Mustang in the current muscle car wars - the Camaro's vehicle line executive, Gene Stefanyshyn, says it will take some creative engineering to bring a lower-priced but equally competitive version to market.

The convertible Camaro, on the other hand, was set to start production in a year - until the German supplier for the roof went under. Not all is lost, however, as GM is actively seeking another supplier to step in.

"We're looking to find an alternative source for the roof," Stefanyshyn said. He warned that even if a supplier can be found quickly, however, it will take some time to get the supplier up to speed. The Detroit Bureau cites another source as saying a 6-month delay is inevitable - meaning the convertible would miss the vital spring/summer window.

Source: The Detroit Bureau

I was very happy to hear that the camaro was coming back but that soon turned into disappointment when i learned that GM was going to make the Z28 there top model. Being a SS camaro owner i feel that is a slap in the face of all SS owners. the SS as far as i remember has always been the top dog camaro.when i got my Z28 i paid extra for the upgraded SS package. so why are they wanting to change history. Leave things alone & keep the SS TopDog, make the Z lighter like back in the day scca racing. and don't disrespect all SS owners !!! :confused:
Another stinko product from GM. Instead of having a hard top convertible which could appeal to vast numbers of customers, they want to have an old fashioned, noisy, easily damaged canvas top. You can even get a hard top convertible on a mazda miata. GM just can't get it right, they don't want to.
I'm now reading that the supplier is still in business and now has some kind of payment plan with GM. That said, the program will be delayed until 2011 or 2012.Maybe it's me, but the idea of a blown Camaro does little for me. I'd rather see an LS7 underhood than an LSA or LS9.
well this seems stupid. of course it shows the company is semi-serious about cutting product and operating costs but is $50 million a huge expense in the scheme of things? people have been waiting for this car ever since the last camaro Z28
As much as I think the new Z is awesome and hope it's built at some point, am I the only one here who thinks it has the wrong name? This should be the ZL-1. A real Z/28 wouldn't have a blower, giant scoops, or a ridiculously powerful engine. The original only had a 302, far from the largest V8 on tap (granted it was for Trans-Am requirements). This is how GM should do a Z/28: reduce weight, remove any unnecessary luxury items (or at least offer delete options), fine tune the suspension especially for the track, give it big brakes, and put in a small, high-revving V8. Finally, give it rally wheels, real vents in the rear fenders, and a blackout grille with an orange "Z/28" badge.

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