Refreshed: 2011 Toyota Matrix Gets Restyled Wheels, Improved Interior

I've owned my Matrix since '04 gets great milage,low cost maintainence,great over all little car, will be getting' a new '11pm April...I'm 6'2" and have plenty of room...
Wow a 4 speed auto, medicore power numbers especially in a 2.4L motor. An $1845 increase, should I laugh now Toyoda? So i'm paying $1845 for that included 2 year maintenance plan right Toyoda?
John Hess
Great! Knowing Toyota, the all-weather heat package will be available in San Diego, the Sun roof will be on cars in Seattle and Oregon, the BT will be available where talking on a cell phone is still allowed, and the all-wheel drive cars will be shipped to Florida. For 2010, 24k got you a loaded Matrix, but with 16 inch steel wheels and covers, 19K got you a heat package and alloys. Toyota sales suck for four reasons: they carry over outdated models for too long (can you say 4 speed automatics), when they do model makeovers, the new version is a foot longer and 5k more in cost, certain models, aka Matrix, are buzzy, loud, uncomfortable and require package A to get feature B, only package A is not available where anybody lives, and Toyota feels it's a privilege to have thing such as BT, XM, leather wrap wheel. Options standard on most competitor offerings. One can buy a 14 K Yaris Sport and get a leather warp wheel, buy a 28K Rav4 a leather wheel is not an option? Toyota sales declined because they stopped building what people are buying. Just look at the butchered, bloated and over priced Forerunner. Joke.
Toyota should ve dump this model a long time ago.

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