Redesigned 2012 Acura TL Heading to Chicago Show

Good design has been elusive at Acura lately, some would argue, but that may begin to change with the 2012 TL sedan. The new four-door is set to debut at the Chicago Auto Show on February 9.


Acura isn't releasing any information on the 2012 TL just yet, but it's safe to say the car's front grille will be revised from the 2011 model shown here. Now that the MDX and ZDX have received the six-speed automatic transmission, don't be surprised if the TL gets it, as well. Currently, the 2011 TL is rated 18/26 mpg city/highway in front-wheel-drive form, with a five-speed automatic. A six-speed automatic would likely increase those figures.

We’re guessing that style, more than fuel economy, will increase TL sales, which were flat in 2010. What details do you hope to see in the 2012 TL's new design?

Acura's press release is below:

Acura today announced it will debut the newly refined 2012 TL at the Chicago Auto Show. The TL, which recently received the 2011 ALG Residual Value Award for Best Near Luxury Car, further enhances its position in the segment with aggressive, yet refined styling and performance.

Jeff Conrad, vice president of Acura sales, will introduce the production vehicle at the press conference, to be held on February 9, 2011 in the Acura booth. The press conference will be webcast live on

Source: Acura

For the love of TL, please get rid of the V shaped angles front and back it looks so disgusting like the new cadiliac styles. Honda and GM had been sharing techonology may be this is where their USA engineering copy from. I hope the angel eyes headlights are back. I own a 07 with the angel eyes headlights. At night it creates an illusion like there's another small headlamp next to the low beam.
I looked up the word 'ugly' in the dictionary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there was a photo of the Acura TL.
Wow, I understand some people don't like the look of the TL, but get your facts straight people! Not enough leg room? The TL backseat is plenty big. Our family of five (three of us over 6'4) fit just fine in the TL. And not enough option packages? The TL does have a sport package, it's called SH-AWD. Bigger wheels and tires, larger displacement engine with more horsepower, stiffer/lower suspension and AWD! I wish people would do a little research before leaving uneducated comments.
Loose the shield. Loose the chrome around the windows. If you think chome is a "trend" that is coming back NO IT ISN"T. The current car looks very cookie cutter. 6 speed auto minimum.
gimme a decent sport sedan
Get rid of the goofy smiley face on the front and rear of the car. The car looks like a cartoon character kids car. Stretch the car enough to obtain front and rear seat leg room and trunk cargo capacity for 4 adults to travel without being cramped.
In terms of utility, I'd like to see a bigger and better shaped trunk and folding rear seats. The existing version is extremely small with misshaped corners and intrusive edges, especially considering the mass of this vehicle. In terms of design, please integrate spoilers (sick of the lip) and remove that disgusting chrome strip from the bottom of the trunk. Eliminating the "V" shaped angles located at the center-front and the center-rear of the car would also be much appreciated. As for performance, we need a lower priced, more fuel efficient engine paired with 2 new option packages: 1- available sport package, and 2- optional AWD.

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