Raser Technologies to Unveil 100 Mpg Hummer H3 Plug-In Hybrid

Tom Ludwick

A Hummer doesn't often come to mind when it comes to fuel-efficient vehicles. Yet, a company called Raser Technologies has created a plug-in hybrid version of the H3 as a demonstration of its new E-REV powertrain.

E-REV stands for Extended-Range Electric Vehicle. GM is trying to bring the first E-REV to the North American market with the Chevy Volt. An E-REV is usually an electric vehicle that has an additional generator (usually a gas-powered engine) that can provide energy to drive the motor and recharge the batteries when they run out of juice.

Raser's H3 does just that. It was designed to achieve over 100 mpg in typical city driving with a range of 40 miles on electricity alone. The H3 retains its off-road capability and has been tested at speeds up to 90 mph. It can be charged with a standard 110-volt household outlet or quicker charging can be achieved using 220-volts. The vehicle's generator can provide off-site power for construction or backup power during a power-outage.

Raser announced it was developing an E-REV powertrain for use in SUVs and lights trucks just one year ago at the SAE World Congress in Detroit. Now the company will reveal the completed prototype at this year's World Congress next week.

Source: Raser Technologies

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