NEWS: Projected: Smart Forstars Concept Created For Paris Motor Show

September 14, 2012
Smart Forstars Concept Side View At Speed
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Miss the novelty or the romance of the drive-in movie theatre? If so, then you’ll love the Smart Forstars Concept, as its party trick essentially places a drive-in theatre under your thumb. Set to debut later this month at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the Forstars is described by Daimler’s microcar brand as a sport utility coupe, or a SUC. An unfortunate acronym, but not necessarily inaccurate – the giant wheels and tall stance scream crossover, while the glass fastback roof almost appears as if it was cribbed from the short-lived Smart Roadster Coupe. If the overall form seems familiar, it should – much of the Forstars’ exterior is simply a mild evolution from the For-Us pickup concept Smart showcased at this year’s Detroit auto show. The protruding fascia and elongated Tridon safety cell are virtually identical to the For-Us, and the powertrain – a 60-kW electric motor cribbed from the production Smart ED model – is also carried over. That said, the Forstars does pack a few unique cues into the mix. Headlamp eyebrows lend the front clip an angrier look, while taillamps open up to reveal both a charging port and – of all things – a beverage holder. The weirdest feature? A DLP video projector, integrated into what first appears to be a hood scoop. Smart claims it’s a “witty idea” that “enables the work of film stars to be spontaneously shared with friends at any time.” We thought smart phones and YouTube had that task down pat, but it could prove entertaining, especially when stuck behind a semi trailer in gridlock traffic. Exactly how much of this concept is production bound? It’s really hard to tell at this point in time, but given the Forstars shares much of its elongated look with the previous For-Us concept, we’d imagine it’s a loose hint at what a revived Forfour model could look like. According to Automotive News, such a vehicle is due by 2015, and – much like the new ForTwo due in 2014 -- will ride on a platform co-developed with Renault. Source: Smart, Automotive News (subscription required)  
Smart Forstars Concept Side View At Speed


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