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Saab Elk Test

Saab probably has the most interesting crash test of all the automakers. In addition to the usual battery of side-impact, head-on, and offset crash tests, the engineers at Saab subject the car to a simulated encounter with an elk at speed. Yeah, an elk.

Okay, the elk is actually an 850 pound bundle of metal and lumber wrapped up in a blanket. But it is propped up on stands to approximate the correct height and center of gravity for a real elk. Apparently there are a surprising number of collisions in Sweden that involve elk and cars.

Those of you not living in Sweden may still benefit from this crash test and the engineering that allows all Saabs to slide under an elk in the event of a crash. The stronger A-pillars and roof will be beneficial in a variety of other types of crashes. Perhaps Saab should market this feature as a selling point in states with lots of deer or elk, or Canadian provinces with lots of moose.

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