Porsche to Use Audi TTS Four-Cylinder in Entry-Level Boxster?

Joshua Duval

Suffering from the same recessionary sales slump ailing its fellow German automakers, Porsche is reportedly considering dropping the Audi TTS' 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder into the Boxster to create a new entry-level model.

Automotive News reports today that "sources in company circles in Stuttgart and Ingolstadt" confirmed that talks about using the TTS four-cylinder in the Boxster have occurred. The sources said the issue has also been discussed by the joint corporate committee of Porsche and Volkswagen. Porsche is Volkswagen's largest shareholder.

Automotive News estimates the new entry-level Boxster would carry a price of about €40,000 (about $56,000), compared to the €46,500 demanded by today's entry-level Boxster. With its lower-priced model, Porsche hopes to attract more buyers to last out the recession.

Porsche could also collaborate with Volkswagen on the latter company's Bluesport roadster concept, slotting a whole new model below the Boxster. Volkswagen is currently working on the Bluesport concept alone, but Porsche's cooperation could give the project more credence, spread development costs, and help the roadster reach profitable volumes. But Porsche's production chief said the sports-carmaker isn't ready to enter lower-priced segments.

"The price segment under €33,000 doesn't fit our business model and marketing positioning," he said. Depending on how long this current recession lasts, Porsche might be forced to enter that segment regardless of its business model and marketing position.

Source: Automotive News

914, 924, Now another VW powered Porsche? I'm also not sold on turbo's for a keeper car. Is the power delivery issue and the hit to engine longevity worth a little extra efficiency? How about adding a KERS device like F1 instead?I own a 2007 Cayman. I don't think I would have bought the car if only a VW turbo 4 was available. I ddn't even consider the Audi TT as a viable alternative.Also, Instead of watering down the brand to make it affordable how about a US production line to capitalize on the exchange rates.
Porsche, Porsche ... what are you doing?! You're essentially putting a VW engine (it's the one used in the GTI and shared with the Audi A4) in one of your cars! What a way to maintain your brand image. First the Cayenne, then the Panorama, and now this ...

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