Porsche CEO Says "Nein" To Prospect of Hybrid 911

Automobile Staff

Porsche may be toying with the idea of an electric sports car, but according to CEO Micahel Macht, a hybrid form of the venerable 911 sports coupe is off the table.

"We want brake regeneration and stop-start for our sports cars, but not hybrid," Macht told Autocar. "They're not driven in the city, where you get most of the advantages [of a hybrid]," he said. "It also adds weight."

Instead of a hybrid 911, Porsche is considering an all-electric sports car, but Macht cautioned that it must be comparable to current gasoline-powered cars to make sense for the company.

"If Porsche is going to do that it must have the same performance and the same range as now. We want to make cars you can drive every day." As was reported last year, Porsche is working on a hybrid Cayenne. Called the Cayenne S Hybrid, the SUV uses a 52-hp three-phase synchronous electric motor that provides up to 221 lb-ft of torque via 38 kW NiMH batteries. It will likely mate an Audi-sourced direct-injection 3.0L V-6 (333 hp/ 324 lb-ft) and an eight-speed automatic -- a first for the Cayenne.

Source: Autocar

-Carlos Lago

:confused: An electric Porsche 911? OMG.. no, tell me its not so! A Porsche has a gasoline fueled engine! How heavy would a 911 be loaded with enough batteries to come near current performance? NOT a good, or creditible, idea!!

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