Pontiac Shrinks to Four Nameplates

Joshua Duval

The 2009 North American International Auto Show is well underway, with GM unveiling new models for its Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick brands Sunday, and executives spewing news tidbits left and right. Among them: Bob Lutz has confirmed which models will comprise the dwindling Pontiac lineup.

According to Lutz, the surviving members of the Pontiac genocide will include the G8 sedan, the G5 coupe, the Vibe hatchback, and the Solstice coupe and convertible. The Torrent SUV, along with G6 convertible, coupe and sedan, which share their underpinnings with the Chevrolet Malibu and Saab 9-3, will be dropped. Plans to bring the G8 ST sport truck to production have been cancelled, and the future of the G3 subcompact is uncertain.

Although GM has been unable to find prospective buyers for its Saab and Hummer brands, North American President Troy Clarke said yesterday at the auto show that the company will still be able to follow through with its plans to reduce to four core brands. "We have to re-engineer the way we're doing business in many regards," Clarke said. "We're going to be a smaller company."

Clarke also had a few words about GM's Saturn brand. "We've entered into a very, very open and candid dialogue with our Saturn retailers," Clarke said. "It just hasn't been a good business for us." According to Automotive News, Saturn's only annual profit came in 1993.

Source: Automotive News

wow, fail. my bad
The article says the Torrent will be dropped.
I've defended and stood by GM for a long time, but this one is beyond me. Of all the vehicles in the current lineup, the G6 makes the most sense, as is shown by its strong numbers. As much as I hate the G3 and the G5, it does make sense to boost CAFE so they can keep building G8s. But why in the heck do they want to keep the Torrent? It fits nowhere in the lineup at all. The current one is nothing more than an Equinox with a different front end, and having solid vehicles like the Vue and the upcoming Equinox and SRX completely eliminates the need for a Pontiac version. Sorry, Bob. I'm gonna have a hard time making sense of this one.
What a dumb, rediculously stupid idea. Drop the best selling car in the lineup completely(G6), to continue to sell the worst selling product in the lineup (G5). Yet another sterling example of why Bob Lutz should have been terminated when GM got their loan from the government. I would have kept the G6 sedan, dropped the coupe and convertible, dropped the G5 and not even bother with the G3. G8, G6, Vibe, Solstice. That would work a lot better. Oh, but duh! Let's keep a coupe nobody cares about. Would you like to play with your blocks and Tinkertoys now, Mr. Lutz?

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