Pontiac G8 to die because GM is "not a fan of rebadging"

June 17, 2009
Sometimes, you just have to shake your head and ask, “why”?
During a web chat with journalists this week, no doubt intended to prove how “with it” GM management is these days, CEO Fritz Henderson hinted that the Pontiac G8 will die with the brand at the end of 2010. His reasoning:
"I am not a fan of rebadging."
Forget for one moment the fact that many of us here love the G8; forget that it’s been selling remarkably well despite a horrible economy and virtually no marketing support; forget that Holden, the Australian unit that builds the G8, will reportedly lose $1 billion if the car dies; forget that the Holden Commodore already sells in various parts of the world under the Chevrolet name.
"I am not a fan of rebadging"? Really? General Motors? The company that opted to save GMC, a brand that has not one vehicle that isn’t mechanically identical to another in the GM fleet?
Let’s hope this is just a bad choice of words that has been taken out of context, and not an indication of future decision making at the “new” GM.


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