Pontiac G8 Production Cut by 97 Percent

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With the state of the economy right now and viability plans due to Congress by February 17, General Motors has cut Pontiac G8 production by 97 percent in the upcoming months.

GM’s original production plan for the G8 was to build around 10,000 units between February 2009 and June 2009. That figure has now been reduced to around 1000 units. This is the second GM model that has undergone incredible production cuts (the first being the Saturn Astra) in recent days.

For those interested in purchasing a G8, things look better for the second half of the year when GM is only planning a 79 percent production cut on the G8. Earlier this year, the G8 ST pickup was killed. With news like this coming out of GM, it is likely that the G8 may be gone before long.

Source: The GM Source

We drove the G8 and liked it a lot, but went for a Malibu LTZ in the end. As good as it was--and it was what we expected to buy when we started shopping--we were left with the feeling that it belonged more to yesterday than to tomorrow. The Malibu doesn't have the handling or the power that the G8 does, but has a refinement to it that the more-expensive G8 should have been able to match and somehow didn't. All of those comparisons with the BMW 5 series were misleading. If I'd been led to expect the 4-door heir to the Firebird, the psychology of the situation would have been quite different. Not sure how many 4-door Firebird buyers are out there, though. I also think Scherp has a point about recasting the car as an Impala, but the current Impala is actually one of the few sales bright spots in the GM universe at the moment.
Typical GM. Bring the basic models out first (V6), promises of hi-po versions later. Test it on the public, and by the time they get all right...POOF! Gone. Although Scherp is right, I fear; the current ecomony is going to kill Pontiac anyway (sigh).
That's a shame. This should be given a Chevy update and called the Impala instead. I'd hate to say it, but it seems as though Pontiac will follow Oldsmobile here soon. :confused:
yeah, what he said.
Too little too late. They should have had this car out in the US back in 2006 when it hit the roads in Australia. Now they finally launch decent product when nobody is buying cars.

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