Polls Show Americans No Longer Value GM as Vital to U.S. Economy

Joshua Duval

In a public opinion poll conducted earlier this week, Americans revealed that they believe GM is not indispensable to the U.S. economy.

In a Rasmussen poll of 1000 people conducted March 30-31, 76 percent of people said they believe that it's possible for the U.S. economy to recover, regardless of whether GM survives its current financial debacle. Only 9 percent of the voters said the opposite, and 15 percent said they were unsure if the economy could recover from GM's demise.

77 percent of investors in the group and 74 percent of non-investors thought the economy would bounce back even if GM went out of business.

Only 23 percent of those surveyed said they were in favor of providing more taxpayer-funded loans for GM; 66 percent were opposed. 44 percent said that they would rather Chrysler and GM fail, rather than providing them with additional support.

Almost 60 percent of voters felt that it is likely Chrysler or GM will go out of business over the next few years, with 19 percent saying it is very likely to happen.

In a separate Rasmussen poll of 1000 people conducted March 5-6, only 32 percent of respondents said they view GM favorably - that's down from 69 percent two years ago.

Source: Rasmussen Reports

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