Photos of 2014 Cadillac CTS Leaked on Flickr

UPDATE: A second leak provides a look at the entire exterior and interior of the 2014 Cadillac CTS

The puzzle pieces of the 2014 Cadillac CTS are slowly starting to come together ahead of the car's official reveal later this week. We know the three engines that will be offered on the new CTS, including the 420-hp 3.6-liter Cadillac Twin Turbo V-6, and now, we get a better idea of what it will look like. A handful of exterior photos and one sneak peek at the interior were leaked on Flickr under the nebulously-named account of "upcomingvehiclesx."

To nobody's great surprise, Cadillac's bread-and-butter mainstream sedan shows a strong resemblance to its new smaller sibling, the ATS. The most obvious and strongest resemblance is in the front headlight design, which like the ATS, tapers far back onto the front fender with an LED accent strip. Although bisected by a thin section of the front bumper, the LED strip continues down onto the lower bumper, for a distinctive and dramatic look. The grill plunges down below the bumper centerline for a shield-like appearance, similar to newer Audi models.

The rear of the new CTS is a little less distinctive, showing more of a resemblance to the more conservative XTS sedan, but like the front, employs LEDs liberally, for the vertical taillights as well as the trunklid spoiler-mounted third brake light. However, Cadillac was an early domestic pioneer in the use of LEDs for taillights, so not a lot earth-shattering here.

But the sole photo of the interior shows some interesting materials and textures. The door uppers appear to be wrapped in suede, with natural-textured wood trim accents. With faux wood trim becoming more and more convincing, many luxury brands lately are turning to more roughly-textured trim to showcase the cellulosic authenticity of their materials. So far, we're liking what we're seeing. Expect to see the 2014 Cadillac CTS in all its glory at the 2013 New York International Auto Show later this week.

Source: Flickr

Jeewesh Camaro
Clark Yongchang Lee
The all Brandnew CTS
@dd43 I agree. I think it’s a good direction for Cadillac.
Joe Sura
Look great.
Chris Story
Much cooler than the E-class. The CTS interior is exceptonal. Can't wait for the V to kick some AMG ass.
Thomas Voelker
Again, no swoopiness in flank design.
Josue Rodriguez
Knocked it out the park with this one!
Jason Henske
Coming to a Hertz near you
Brennan Shanks
Looking pretty sharp. Is it supposed to be a proper 5-Series/E Class rival now?
Josh Carpenter
I think its a step in the right direction. As for the German competition, well they haven't exactly been known for quality control themselves much lately either.
Karl Christoph Joachim
More grown up looking than the current model.
Alsson Mata
Haters will always hate. Sure GM made bad cars for 2 decades get over it it's in the past. This car is a huge improvement. About time they stepping it up with real power, technology, and luxury.
Faver David
one of the biggest advantages that car broker can offer is peace of mind in the fact you no longer have to search for a vehicle or negotiate a good selling price.
Joshua Carrasquedo
Its sharp looking, the grill is complemented well by the newer headlights. I like it. Its looks like a great companion to the ATS. Hopefully people won't remain brand myopic, and will begin to see that Cadillac, and indeed GM, is gradually stepping up in quality and design.
Geoff Ekenstam
Still a Cadillac....which is not a good thing...
Mike Dunlap
Looks like Mazda and Lincoln made a baby! Too bad it's a crapillac
Mark Garland
Leaked? Antifreeze or Oil? ;)
Saul Avila Hernandez
Javier Banda
James Nardini
Love it. The proportions are very elegant
Kyree S. Williams
It was only a matter of time before they got it right...and *boy* did they get it right! :P
Adam Hammerman
Beautiful. What Mercedes wants to be.
Kanav Gupta
Rear is too traditional, the rest is overdone. Typical GM. I'll stick with Germany.
Frankiko Ly
Senior citizen's kinda car!
Ben Li'Gon
Salvador Fonzarelli Ramirez
Dayum, looks great, love how heyre designing the new Caddys now
Brandon S. Doyle
@JCongello definitely looks more European but I like it
Sean Connor
Finally, a Cadillac design that doesn't look compromised. Nicely done
Frankie Vairo
Lol the ats is the first to shit on the Germans at what they do best in that segment n this car will do the same to this class
Jason Redding
Mr Watzek, you wouldn't know a nice car if it was sitting on your face. Go buy a Camry.
Daniel Frisco
Sorry 2014 Mercedes E class rules this bankrupt bailed out of a failed company cant compete with the Germans . Mercedes invented the Automobile and keep reinventing it . When only the best will do Mercedes !!!
Ryan Allaman
The ats looks better
Ryan Allaman
Eli Robb
I want one shit!!!
Joseph Marranca III
The front end seems better integrated than on most of the recent models. In theory, I am in their target market, and I'm rooting for them. Let's hope the interior has something better than the gimmicky touch interface from the ATS. (I'm a two time BMW 3-series owner. Caddy will NEVER get me with those gimmicky touch controls... it's downright dangerous. Why not just drive while texting on your cell phone?)
Hayden Lorell
I think...I'll buy the 5 series...
James Randle
I dig it
Nigel Holmes
I'm seeing hints of Mercedes in the hood and flanks. Seems like a move away from Caddy's Art & Science theme, or whatever it was they called it.
Syed Maaz Rehan
David Lynch
CTS-V? News?
Monte Chester
Wow! Very sharp! I thought some of the little detail photos looked like TOO much, but I hoped the whole might look better. It does.
James Procell
Look a million times better than the current CTS, that's for sure. When can we see the CTS-V?!
Jason Mosery
those looks + twin turbo= AWESOME!!!! Now bring back the wagon!!!!!
Trent Lamar Harris Jr.
Could They Have Made Look Anymore Like The ATS???
Shawn Mass
You're an idiot! This car is awesome!!!
Dave DiNatale
Looks fab, I'm not worried! Long as the trunk space is better, PGW glass and the 3.6 still rule, I'm in!
Stephen J Watzek
Another crappy product from a crappy company!!
@Geoff Ekenstam When waas the last time you drove one! because if you did you wouldn't say that.
@Kyree S. Williams  Dude you are TTAC was your
@bstoeffler3 I can't wait to see what the V has in store

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