Only One Car Returned in GM's 60 Day Guaranteee

How many cars have been returned during General Motors' 60-day guarantee program? Only one - and even then, it was only for a transmission swap.

Although nearly 150,000 GM vehicles have been sold since the promotion went into place last month, only 100 customers have decided to take the challenge (others opted instead for a $500 cash incentive). The guarantee allows customers to return a new GM vehicle between 30 and 60 days of ownership if they aren't completely satisfied.

According to GM vice president Bob Lutz, GM has had only "one substantiated return of a vehicle." The lone return was of a new Chevrolet Corvette, and the owner was only dissatisfied with the "inconvenience" of a manual transmission. The car was then swapped for a similar model, but with an automatic transmission instead.

Lutz feels the program is a success, and will allow GM to "comfortably encourage the public to come take a close look at our products."

Source: Automotive News

Fudging the numbers again are we GM?I like Bob Lutz's attitude and business sense, but I don't beleive this. Or, if it is true, it shows that people who buy Chevrolets are only trying to save a buck.Besides, if I would'nt have been an idiot and bought a GM product before the bailout, I probably would've bitched too just to get $500, even with keeping the car.P.S. My 2008 Malibu LT needs a torque converter, left front strut and passenger side headlamp at only 55K miles. Quality? Try appeasement of the UAW. Jerks.

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