Official: Chevrolet Spark Gets 38 MPG on Highway with Manual, 37 MPG with Automatic

The Chevrolet Spark four-door hatchback may boast a base price of just barely under $13,000, but it falls short of 40 mpg on the highway. The EPA has released fuel economy data for the subcompact, showing the 2013 Spark will get 32/38 mpg city/highway with a five-speed manual and 28/37 mpg with a four-speed automatic. Those fuel economy numbers may not be class-leading, but the 2013 Spark's $12,995 base price (including destination) might help some consumers overlook the official mpg numbers. If a majority of buyers go for the four-speed automatic over the five-speed manual, they'll pay $925 for the transmission and 2 mpg in combined mileage, from 34 mpg to 32 mpg. Potential 2013 Spark buyers not attached to the four-door hatchback body style, but looking for an ultra-low-priced new car, might also consider the 2012 Nissan Versa, which carries a base price of $11,770. If you want the CVT, the base price rises to just under $14,000. The 2012 Versa sedan gets 27/36 mpg with a five-speed manual -- below the manual-transmission 2013 Spark -- but the Versa sedan with the CVT is good for 30/38 mpg, and Nissan expects a 40-mpg rating for the 2013-model-year sedan. The base 2013 Chevrolet Spark includes 15-inch alloy wheels, an auxiliary input jack, and air conditioning, as well as power windows and a 60/40 split rear seat. Other 2013 Spark trims add Bluetooth, keyless entry, cruise control, power door locks, heated leatherette front seats, and Chevy's MyLink infotainment system. If you’re driving out of a Chevy dealership with a $16,990 Spark, though, and fuel economy is important, we could also suggest a long list of two- and four-door hatchbacks including the Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio. The 2013 Ford Fiesta, in non-SFE trim, is EPA-rated at 29/39 mpg with the automatic and manual transmissions while the 2013 Kia Rio gets 30/40 mpg. Those ratings put the cars slightly above the 2013 Spark when comparing automatic-transmission models but, with manual transmission cars, the Spark gets better mileage in the city and slightly worse mileage on the highway. Source: EPA

What a piece of CRAP! Only 28/37MPG with the automatic transmission. The Chevy Spark only has a 84HP engine, yet doesn't get any better MPG than say a 150HP Honda Civic or 140HP Chevy Cruze.. So the Spark will be slow and an unimpressive driving experience. It simply doesn't make sense to buy a boring car when there is no advantage in the 'boring' factor. This is a common trend with tiny cars, they are less aerodynamic than regular sized cars, and they have tiny engines to try and make up for it, but fail. Their city MPG isn't good either. Other cars that share these characteristics; Tiny unimpressive engines with tiny cars and unimpressive MPG is the Scion iQ and the SMART car. To a point, also the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and Ford Fiesta follow the characteristics even though they are larger than the tiny cars above. their aerodynamics still aren't as good as regular cars, so don't buy them for fuel efficiency! Just buy a used a Prius or Honda Insight for the same price
That is very good highway mileage for such a short car; the shorter the vehicle the higher the drag. For these commuter type vehicles the city mileage is what you want to look at - in this case 32 mpg which is quite good.

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