Not Eclipsed After All? Mitsubishi May Bring Back Eclipse Sports Car

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is dead; long live the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Although production of the sports car has effectively ended after a small batch of 2012 models came off the line, many within the company are apparently pushing for the nameplate to return in the future.

Greg Adams, Vice President of marketing and product planning at Mitsubishi Motors North America, hinted to Ward’s Auto during a recent media event that the Eclipse may not be fully dead and gone, saying it “always comes back around sooner or later.”

The case for bringing the Eclipse bask may be tough, especially as Mitsubishi puts its focus more and more on smaller, global, and efficient vehicles. It doesn’t help that the Eclipse sold fewer than 7000 units through August of this year, shortly before Mitsubishi pulled the last unit off of the assembly line and auctioned it off for charity.

That’s a spectacular fall from grace: in 2002, just after it starred in The Fast and the Furious opposite Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, the Eclipse sold more than ten times that amount. Sales totaled a solid 72,040 units.

In any case, Adams said Mitsubishi’s tuned into the recently spiked demand for inexpensive sports cars. He’s right: a new Eclipse could battle against future sports cars like Subaru BRZ and Scion (Toyota) FR-S, as well as newer hot hatchbacks like the Ford Focus ST.

If more competition is what keeps the Eclipse from going to the great street race in the sky, we can’t complain. Should Mitsubishi bring back the Eclipse? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Ward’s Auto

Erika D
I own a 3g and a 4g. Both great cars. I am really hoping they bring them back next year. It's the only type of car out there that I like that's also very affordable.
Matthew Mc Clous
I dont understand why Mitsubishi thinks a small cheap sports car was not a selling point anymore, um hello? Look at the FR-S and how popular that got, I see them everywhere. They need to bring the FRS feel with more power, then people would buy those instead, a new Eclipse or a FTO. Because if they continue this ECO trend they have fallen into they will be out of the US in the next year or two. Toyota and Ford hold the market share for Fuel efficiency. No one is impressed by Mitsubishi anymore and ignoring their customer base that made them successful in the first place, will be the death of them..     
Marieliz Garcia
I am the proud owner of 3 Mitsubishi’s. 2 of them Mitsubishi eclipse spyders! Honestly they are an amazing car. It was real sad to see them go but one the same hand I am expecting them to come back stronger than ever. With a new generation. 5G! I can see it now! : ) The crazy thing is that around here cars turn heads. My car breaks NECKS! The evo is a nice model and I like it but it is not as great as the Eclipse. With quality sound systems, seat warmers, you name it I could start going down the list and never stop…. Especially with the GT.
I believe Mitsubishi Motors need to keep the Eclipse. When Mitsubishi is spoken in an average car topic conversation, the main models that is automatically thought of is Eclipse and Lancer. I have a 02 Eclipse GS model, I enjoy the car a lot. The Eclipse has that already street sports look without really having to do too much changing to the body itself. However, I cannot say the same for the new model that followed after my body model ended. The new Eclipses looks stallion from the front, but as soon as the whole car is viewed it looks like a ladybug or something in that nature. I believe the new models is more of a female car than its traditional street sports look. So, if Mitsubishi Motors do decide to bring the Eclipse back they need keep the traditional street sport's look with this generation style, with more horsepower than usual from previous models (at least 300 HP). In addition, RWD or AWD would raise its rep tremendously. Overall, I believe the Eclipse should stay, its a legend.       
Mistubishi Motors should definitely keep the Eclipse alive. I currently own a 1996 Eclipse GS with the manual 5-speed transmission. I bought it new and have done 130,000 mls to date. This car has got one of those timeless 'looks' and the posture of a true sports car. I would buy a 2014 Eclipse with similar sleek looks as my ’96 GS if it offers RWD or 4WD, and makes at least 300 HP stock. I know others who would do so as well. So, Mitsubishi Motors, the shifter is in your hands.
Mitsubishi should bring back the eclipse, the eclipse was the kind of car alot of people wanted to have... until the newer version came... The newer eclipses (3rd and 4th gen) just turned out to be more like fem cars...if mitsubishi is going to bring back the eclipse then it should look more like the 2nd gen eclipse but more updated n kind of have the body design of the 4g eclipse but to the point where its not too femy ....i hope u knw what I mean lol ..sorry for the confusion
I agree with every one. The eclipse was my first car and i love it runs 170 top speed. Its a great car. The only thing you guys have to do is the same things you guys did back then.
i bet if they brought back the eclipse that was AWD and had the potential of the GSX in the 90s offcourse it should come back. the GSX was the best eclipse hands down and mitsubishi should even make it hybrid. when you think of mitsubishi everything that comes to mind is the lancer evolution and the eclipse.
The eclipse has so much potential if the ralliart was to go into production sales would jump for Mitsubishi. Look at all the other muscle cars that came back Mitsubishi needs an awd or rwd eclipse and a boost in hp they will be a fierce contender . By the way I have an 06 gt 3.8l rearmount turbo project going for my eclipse best car I've had in a long time.
Of course, they should bring the Eclipse back! Because it's what I wanted for my first car!
I own a last model year 3000GT VR4 and Eclipse GSX. Both are awesome examples of the peak for Mitsubishi. And, yes, the last model year black VR4 is a work of art and the Eclipse sitll runs (two engines later). Since then, Mitsu has lost its way. There is no one more disappointed than I am about this, but it's just the way it is. Yes, the current generation Evo is it - and really embodies the way I view Mitsu: exotic car/supercar bits and pieces at a very good price. Now, they want to abandon all of that goodwill and street cred and venture out into the micro car/green car field? What experience do they have with that and why would they put all their chips into that basket?
Yes! Great news as long as it competitive an light weight and not way underpowered like all mitsubishi cars (outlander sport 148hp really, it needs 180+ before i would even look at it) great news since I'm a Mitsubishi owner hope it don't take forever to get to market! Ps: take mine in white turbo awd 225 HP 2800lbs. Rock on mitsu!
Phil Gr8
I agree with Tom and Michael above. Enthusiast complained at the time that the Eclipse became a 2 door Galant. Like most manufactures they thougt bigger was better. How did that work for them? I had a 7 passenger Colt it was gr8., ecxept under powered. Evo power available as an option in a colt. Yeah!
I agree with Tom. Mitsubishi got away from what they did so well in the 1980's and 1990's--small, high-technology vehicles that feel slick. Their cars weren't perfect, but if they stuck with that concept and fixed the flaws, they would have really been something. --The Starion was quite a looker, both inside and out. It also rode and handled quite well for the day. If only it was a little more reliable and had better steering feel. There are still a lot of fans of that car. Mitsubishi should have capitalized on that and revived the Starion nameplate, with a rear-wheel-drive coupe with angular styling (bring back those box fenders!) with the powertrain from the Evo. (I personally would give extra credit if they brought back those pop-up headlights.) --The 3000GT was also a looker (in a 1990's sort of way). Again, if only it had better steering feel. If they kept with the concept and refined and updated it, they might have had a legit GT-R competitor. --The Eclipse (1995--1999) was a great concept--turbo power, multilink suspension at all 4 wheels. If only the interior didn't look like it was made by RubberMaid. The next generation would have benefited from taking that concept and enhancing the strengths and fixing the flaws, such as giving the turbo the full 270 hp that the Evo got (instead of only 210 so it could hardly outrun the Mercury Sables of the day), and a nicer interior. --Their focus on electric cars and whatnot is great, but where were they in the small car market in the past 4 years, where gas prices shot the hell up? They had a credible B-car segment in the Colt in the 1980's and 1990's. Where did that go? Anyway. my 2 cents....
Yes, Mitsubishi should bring the Eclipse back. It's too bad Mitsubishi Motors is so mismanaged. They could be a major competitor but just don't seem to care too much. They let their models drag on well past their life-span. Mitsubishi SHOULD be giving us an iconic fwd sports care like the Eclipse. Mitsubishi SHOULD be giving us a few small offerings like the Colt. Mitsubishi DID give us the Outlander Sport---thanks for that. Mitsubishi SHOULD give us a new 3000GT or how cool would a brand new Starion be? Mitsubishi SHOULD have as handsome a Gallant as they did in the 90's and early 2000's. Mitsubishi SHOULD offer a microvan. Mitsubishi SHOULD relaunch a larger sedan (Diamante?) and price it below 30K. Come on Mitsubishi, let's get some R&D going! Companies don't grow by lowering their ambitions!

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