Nissan Shows Nismo Smartwatch In Frankfurt

Nissan claims to be the first automaker with a smartwatch specifically designed to communicate with a car. Called the Nissan Nismo Concept Watch, the new device pairs with a Nismo vehicle using Bluetooth to track the driver's performance and provide a wide range of feedback.

Although the Nismo Concept Watch isn't ready for production yet, Nissan says it is developing the gadget and will launch it soon. Primarily, the watch can show alerts from the car -- including warnings of icy roads, required maintenance, or fuel economy. It will also track the driver's performance and keeps a running tally of his or her average and top speeds. On top of that, Nissan says it is investigating heart rate and other biological measurements so that the watch could warn if a driver is over-excited, excessively tired, or dehydrated. Finally, the smartwatch will allow drivers to send Tweets and Facebook updates about their driving performance. Nissan says the battery will last about a week on a single charge.

The Nismo Concept Watch is a circular band with a black touchscreen, and comes in white, red, or black. Nissan says the watch will be packaged in a special box made from recycled tires; the box is secured with four bolts and can only be opened with an included Allen wrench. It would likely pair via Bluetooth with Nissan cars like the 370Z Nismo, the Juke Nismo, and the forthcoming Nissan GT-R Nismo.

"We have brought the Nismo experience to life in every aspect of the watch, including its packaging," Nissan Europe marketing manager Gareth Dunsmore said in a statement. "We wanted a way of integrating Nismo heritage in racing into this futuristic innovation."

Though it seems odd to introduce yet another screen that could take a driver's attention away from the road, the Nissan Nismo Concept Watch appears to be the next step in providing more feedback to drivers. You can see more on the watch in the video below.

Source: Nissan

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what a useless device. since you are already in the car...there is tons of item that can communicate with you other than getting your eyes off the road to your wrist.

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