Nissan Reveals 370Z S-Tune

Tom Ludwick
Nissan 370z S Tune

Shortly after our first drive of the reworked sports car, we've got word that a NISMO-tuned version is likely to debut soon in Japan. Nissan has provided details of the NISMO accessories on a Japanese mini site. Here's what we've gathered:

Like the last NISMO Z, the S-Tune will feature a more aggressive, yet streamlined, body kit. The kit will feature lower front and rear splitters along with lower side skirts and a taller rear wing. The whole appearance package is likely to be functional by producing high-speed downforce. At the same time it will make sure to let onlookers know that this is no ordinary 370Z.

Also similar to the former NISMO model, Nissan has added some tweaks to the suspension. New springs will likely lower the car down a bit while new shocks and struts will be firmer to enable to the S-Tune to corner flatter in the curvy stuff. More traction will be available in the form of beefier rolling stock. A set of forged wheels will come wrapped in rubber that is apt for track duty.

As for the stop and go, there are more aggressive brake pads and a new exhaust system. No word on whether the enhanced breathing will pick up any ponies, but the large pipes look to enhance the growl from the VQ engine.

With all those NISMO goodies one final question must be asked, "Is it coming here?" For that answer we'll have to wait for the official press release. In the meantime, we're keeping our fingers crossed in hope that Nissan will treat us to this track-tuned version here in the States.

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