Nissan Partners With Cummins For Diesel Titan Pickup

NEWPORT BEACH, California -- Nissan sold 21,576 full-size Titan pickup trucks in all of 2012, which would be a bad month for the Ram 1500 pickup truck here. The Japanese-based automaker had planned to team up with Chrysler for an all-new truck in order to help boost sales, but that was before Chrysler’s bankruptcy in 2009. Instead, Nissan will team up with Ram’s/Dodge’s long-time partner, the diesel engine-builder Cummins, for the first turbodiesel Nissan pickup truck to be sold in North America.

The next-generation Nissan Titan, which we hear won’t quite be a heavy-duty, but will be bigger, tougher than the current Nissan Titan half-ton, will come with an all-new Cummins V-8 turbodiesel design. Let’s call it a “heavy half”-ton truck, in the spirit of Ram’s discontinued 1500 HD Tradesman.

The Cummins V-8 diesel will have 5.0L of displacement and will make more than 300 horsepower and more than 550 pound-feet of torque, Nissan announced Tuesday at its “360” presentation here.

The Cummins diesel is set to make its debut in the all-new, next-generation Nissan Titan, expected early in the 2015 calendar year.

Jason Carpp
I'd like to see a Cummins diesel powered Titan. It has been 30 yrs since Nissan offered a diesel powered vehicle here in the USA, and I think a comeback is long overdue. Is diesel for everyone? No, of course not. Some people might be turned off by the clattering noise diesels are known for. Some people might not be able to afford the cost of filling up on diesel. But so what? If you can live with the noise, and you can afford to drive the diesel, you should be allowed to buy the truck.

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