New York 2013: Subaru WRX Concept Promises More Go-Fast Fun

Subaru used a big portion of its press conference to play up the company's green credentials. Nature sounds, videos of waterfalls, and the introduction of the XV Crosstrek hybrid all reaffirmed Subaru's commitment to eco-friendliness and outdoorsy shoppers. But then on the other side of the stage, Subaru introduced the car we were all waiting for: a concept of the next WRX sedan.

"Our passionate owners always want to know what we're thinking," said Subaru global marketing head Tomohiko Ikeda. "Subaru will remain committed to performance products."

Shown in Subaru's traditional World Rally Blue, the WRX concept continues many of the dramatic styling cues from the existing WRX and WRX STI: big air intakes, big wheels with cross-drilled brakes, a hood scoop, and a subtle rear spoiler. The brake calipers and exhaust tips on this concept are bright green, the roof appears to have a carbon-fiber appliqué, and the door handles are flush-fitting chrome pieces. The coolest feature of all? The CHMSL (third brake light) is cleverly integrated into the roof-mounted fin antenna.

Sadly, Subaru executives specifically said they won't release more details on the new WRX for some time. We expect the new car will continue with a 2.0-liter turbocharged Boxer-four engine, all-wheel-drive, and a six-speed manual transmission. It will use the same chassis as the new Impreza sedan and hatchback.

Despite not sharing any information, Subaru of America president and COO Tom Doll promised the new car will live up to its legacy.

"The WRX and STI have shown in dramatic fashion how a turbocharged Boxer engine can take on much bigger competition," he said. "This car means business… This is a car that is built for speed and control."

Expect more details on the new Subaru WRX to trickle out over the next year.

Ramakant Taram
identify the company
Rex Torres
Seriously, Subaru- it's about damn time. Give your design department a bonus for this one.
Nakkeeran Ravi
Eduardo Armendariz
Scott raflo..... you praise your subi so higly yet your profile pic is of a jeep? Huh intetesting.
Siva Movva
Those lights look sick
Gordon Leslie
Dammy Onafowokan
Very high possibility of being my next car. I LOVE it!
of the cars i've driven and enjoyed this one is closest to a go kart.i had the chance to run one an entire year while the owner (nephew) was overseas lately and entrusted itto my care... what a fun experience.  i'm actually not a manual trans fan since a lot of my miles arecity stop and go ones but the car was very enjoyable despite this issue.if they want my imput, i'd suggest a HP bump in the new 2013 WRX since even with the turbo it seemed to be capable of handling far more poniesthan the factory had put into the stock one i tried.and the car has been very durable, a total reliable ride, superb snowcar when paired with Blizzaks and eoncomical.i like the new styling features.they might upgrade the seats...the car i tried hadmarginal seats which held me in the turns but wasn'tthe most upscale build.
Scott Raflo
To those talking about the interior... cheap? I have 249,827 miles on my WRX right now. With 0 failures in the interior. It has lasted beautifully.
Terence Stawski
The back looks like Nissan Maxima or Toyota Camry.
Rick Y-Bobby Pelrine II
There's something very Audi about that front end.
Woo Hoo
Audi Quattro killer!!!
Daniel Tsirlin
Damn, Brian
Jonel Sagabaen
Lord this is my dream car!!!
Baxter Earl
James Procell
I was about to say the same thing, Leonard. It is a beautiful car on the outside, I just hope they really stepped it up on the inside. I considered buying a WRX a few years ago, but the cheap interior was enough to turn me away.
Leonard Hanson
Too bad there wasn't any pics of the interior to show the direction Subaru is going to take it. I REALLY hope Subaru steps up their interior quality and design!!! When compared to their compition, it's like Subaru is in the 1980's
Frankiko Ly
Hell yeah!
Rachel Martin
Aye aye aye looks like Ford
Sadun Jayathilaka
wow awsome............!!!!!!!!!!

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