New Holden VF Commodore Officially Revealed – Best Look Yet at 2014 Chevrolet SS

We were all prepared to wait until next weekend's Daytona 500 NASCAR race to get our first look at the highly-anticipated 2014 Chevrolet SS premium performance sedan. But Holden decided to one-up its Yank cousins by pulling the sheet off the new VF Commodore a week ahead of the Chevy's reveal. Aside from a few styling details such as badging, wheels and a few other items, this will probably be 97.5 percent of the Chevrolet SS. Don't believe us? Take a look at these pics and compare them to the race car photos and videos we showed you yesterday.

Still unknown is precisely what will be under the hood of the Chevrolet SS. Information released by Holden had scant technical information, other than some bells and whistles that will be offered on the new model in the form of park assist, lane departure warning, forward collision alert, and of course, the MyLink system.

GM North America chief Mark Reuss has said in the past the Chevrolet SS will be V-8 only, but we're left guessing as to whether it will be the port-injected LS3 currently used in the Camaro SS and C6 Corvette, or the new LT1 direct-injected 6.2-liter engine that's under the hood of the 2014 Corvette Stingray. We're hoping, and predicting, it will be the latter. Also unknown is whether or not there will be a manual transmission option, or if it will be automatic-only, and for that matter, if it will be a six or eight-speed unit.

Expect all these details and more to be revealed in the weeks ahead, hopefully with more technical detail at the SS's reveal in Daytona next weekend.

Source: General Motors

Marco Spaccavento
America once designed beautiful cars - but not since the 1970s for the most part.
Younnas Alginusa
all this nice design language caming from EUROPEEN design language styl,,,americans had never good taste on car design,,
Rick Reny
The G8 was an amazing car, if Chevy can capture some of that magic I say its a win. The front end of this car is amazingly bland though.
Ben Walczak
I had the same thought as Jason Wright once I looked at this picture, looks like a Chrysler Sebring front end mated to a Pontiac G8 (from the A-C pillars).
Alex Mujica Jr
chevy flair will make this car boring just like the previous car-rental-only worthy impala
Lee Klein
It's beautiful.
Lara Hansen
Aussie icon!!
Kyree S. Williams
Are the days of the GM RWD V8 sedan numbered? Unless GM matches or beats the bang-for-buck factor of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger (and they won't, because those two cars'll be square in the 2014 Impala's price-range), the GM RWD V8 sedan will go the way of the dodo....
Jason Wright
Really disappointing. It looks like a Chrysler Sebring mated with a Suzuki. I'm suddenly satisfied they are dropping this next year.
Richard Macintyre
Beautiful detailing, build quality looks great, let's just hope GM doesn't screw it up.....
Ron Gerstein
HEY Jeff Elijah: the US IS geting this car as the Chevrolet SS!
Matthew G Amack
Yes, the future is turbocharged V 6 & 4 cylinders,Ford EcoBoost engine !!!!
Jeff Elijah
Why cant we get this car...nice
Jon Anderson
I doubt it- as long as the German powerhouses are dominating the roads there will always be competition....and us Americans are a competitive people ;-)
I better buy Foreign car that build in the USA Then USA car that build in a Foreign country!
Steve Rothaug
I'm really pulling for Ford to get in on the RWD sport sedan game.
Jack Eves
Buick should just become Opel since thats what it pretty much is these days...

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