New Dodge Compact Won’t Be Called Hornet – What Should It Be Named?

It’s well known that Dodge is planning to introduce an all-new compact sedan at next year’s Detroit auto show. But according to The Detroit News the new compact will not wear the Hornet name as previously assumed. Reid Biglund, the head of the Dodge brand, told The Detroit News that “Hornet will not be the name.” That said, Biglund continued by saying “I've never been more excited about a new car I am about the new compact. It fills a significant hole in the portfolio.” Dodge has not decided yet whether or not to reveal the new sedan’s name in advance of the car to help create buzz in the run-up to the Detroit debut. New name or not, the compact will be based off of the same mechanicals and platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta – essentially being a sedan version of the Italian hatchback. We have even spotted a near-production version of the new sedan out testing. Dodge has not had a competitor is the compact sedan class since the Neon was discontinued in 2005. To fill the Neon’s slot in the lineup, the brand introduced the Caliber hatchback in 2007, but sold poorly and is being discontinued to make room for the new sedan. Biglund is excited about returning to the compact sedan market, which makes up 15 percent of U.S. and 25 percent ofCanadian car sales. With the Dodge compact sedan slated to make its debut in just two short months, and the Hornet name off the table, what do you think it should be called? Should Dodge resurrect one of its past names, or start with something fresh. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Source: The Detroit News

Al Agar
To: Dodge Motors/Chrysler/Fiat/whatever, Just bring over the Alfa Romeo Giulietta! Save a lot of design, engineering etc. You will not be able to duplicate what is already on the shelf, one of the coolest cars on the planet. Alfa Romeo.
good name and still used in Mexico?? can go world wide with this moniker, need to think global!!
The sad thing is Dodge Hornet had a ring to it, but the probably name will likely be something that is less than inspiring and doesn't sound well to the English ear. Dodge Avenger sounds like a comic book rip-off and still don't get what a Sebring is supposed to symbolize. A likely name might as well be "Dodge Thing".
I say "DUSTER" and then DUSTER SRT-4 for sure.
Dart! Brilliant!
Since you asked... Dagger. Dodge Dagger. I like when Dodge uses names from the past when appropriate (they have a lot of cool names and are proud of their heritage). But I think in this case, something new and fresh is in line for this new and fresh compact sedan. To add some explanation, I like Dagger because it seems to fit with their current naming convention for their cars. Charger, Challenger, Avenger, Dagger and Viper (I know its unique because it doesn’t end in ‘ger but the viper is unique even compared to its “little brothers”).
I'll second "Dart!"
Dodge Dart. They brought back Charger didn't they?

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